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#206. Running out of Grilled Chicken

Similar to #207, Running out of Fried Chicken, Black people are perplexed and in great derision when Grilled Chicken is no longer available. Food is one of the most important aspects of a Black persons day, and to be confronted … Continue reading

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Thank you from SBPDL

Stuff Black People Don’t Like (SBPDL) has seen unprecedented growth since this sites inception last Friday. What started as a simple project to elucidate the many things Black people don’t like, has now become the leading authority on the subject … Continue reading

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#170. Losing gold teeth

Black people are fascinated by gold, more so than the Spanish Conquistadors of old. Black people love gold so much, that they have it fashioned to put onto their teeth, known throughout the Black community as “grillz”. A subculture has … Continue reading

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#15. White people using the word "Nigga"

Black people love to call each other “nigga” even more than the most negative pejorative in the English language, the n-word. To Black people, there is no greater term of endearment than admonishing each other with playful calls of “nigga … Continue reading

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#10. Normal first names

Black people have never been to fond of normal, White people sounding names. Biblical- grounded names went out in popularity in the Black community as quickly as Don Imus did from the Black persons radio. Instead of James, Michael, John … Continue reading

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#198. Waiting until 16th Birthday for Drivers License

Whereas most other racial groups can wait until at least their 15th birthday to acquire a learner’s permit, and then, after a year of defensive driving courses and learning from their parents the rules of the road – and garnering … Continue reading

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#66. Sudden Frights

Over the years, action/horror/science-fiction/drama and conceivably every other genre of Hollywood film has done the unthinkable: portray Black people in perilous situations. It is a well known fact that Black people in real life are afraid of absolutely nothing and … Continue reading

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