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#210. Georgia Tech Students

Black people love Atlanta. “The City to Busy to Hate,” is what many would consider the No. 1 Black city in the world (Detroit holds that title), and was recently called, by Ebony magazine the Black mecca: “But with the … Continue reading

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#52. Lord of the Dance

It is a well-known fact that Black people love to dance. Go to any night club,church, high school sporting event or any place Black people congregate and you will see Black people dancing. Black people love rhythm, displaying soul and … Continue reading

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#190. Michael Jackson (The White Version)

The world of popular culture has been shattered this week, with the news of the death of Michael Jackson tearing down one of the main pillars of pop iconography. The reclusive, somewhat bizarre Jackson endeared himself to millions of adoring … Continue reading

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#400. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Michael Bay has made a number of movies that Black people love to see. Those titles include The Rock, Armageddon, Bad Boys, Bad Boys II, Transformers and Pearl Harbor. He has endeared himself to Black people for casting Will Smith … Continue reading

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#70. The Word Niggardly

Black people love words. There’s no getting around it. From “bling” to “booty” to “drive-by shooting,” Blacks have undoubtedly enriched the American English vocabulary. Incredible athletic achievements aside, Black people’s top contribution to the American experiment is undoubtedly the new … Continue reading

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#21. Being Quiet During Movies

Black people love going to the movies and enjoying cinematic escapism. Movies offer not only Black people, but all races, the opportunity to immerse themselves into celluloid comfort and to live vicariously through their favorite actors for an hour or … Continue reading

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#101. The Jetsons

Black people love cartoons, almost as much as they love professional wrestling. Cartoons are simple to follow, contain an easy-to-digest storyline and hardly any difficult words to understand. All of that equals the perfect formula for the Black persons medium … Continue reading

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