#6. Tipping

One of the many secrets that Black people never wanted to be shared with the masses is their complete and utter disdain for tipping. Black people are intrinsically opposed to parting with their money – one of the reasons they love to shop for the elusive 100 percent discounted item – and find it deplorable to have to leave a gratuity for the menial vocation of fetching and serving them their food and beverage.

Black people have developed these views from the many centuries of slave labor they were forced to perform, not only for White people in the United States, but for Muslims in the Ottoman Empire and for their fellow Black people in Africa – of which, many Black people profited enormously by selling their fellow Black people to White people.

Historically, being a slave meant doing horrible jobs for long periods of day and Black people were never tipped for their services rendered to their owner. Thus, Black people have formed an evolutionary hatred of parting with any money above the designated amount due for their meal.

Tipping is antithetical to Black people’s eating out habits. Evolutionary psychology has produced an entire race of people who are incredibly parsimonious with their money and are niggardly when it comes to dispensing even five percent to a hardworking server.

One of the most prominent Black people , basketball player LeBron James, epitomizes the Black person who leaves porous tips. He makes roughly $15 million a year, but for a bill that came to $800, he left a mere $10 dollar tip.

The story goes as follows:

“It went down like this: LeBron pulls up in his Mercedes outside XO. People stop and try not to stare, but c’mon, it’s LeBron James. He enters the restaurant with a group of friends. On this special occasion, the King decides to dine late. He keeps his group there until around 3:45 a.m. During this time the waiter obsequiously pours drinks and fetches anything else His Greatness needs.

The final bill comes to $800. By the feudal laws of decorum, which stipulate that the affluent should administer a 20 percent gratuity, staffers figured they’d be pocketing an extra $160. But when they fetched the autographed bill after His Heinousness bolted back to Akron, their expectation turned to disbelief, then anger.
LeBron stiffed them with a meager $10 tip.”

This is not an isolated incident. Jeff Large, a Black columnist in lily-white Seattle, wrote a column about Black tipping and the reality of the problem. He too realizes that his fellow Black people are horrible tippers.

Large writes:

“It wasn’t long ago that laws changed to allow black people into businesses that would not have permitted us before, and we weren’t always welcomed warmly.
Many black folks weren’t up to speed on the culture of restaurant dining as it is practiced in more affluent communities. Surveys find an attitude difference too, as black folks wonder why restaurants don’t just pay their help a decent salary to begin with.”

He goes on to add:

“…One waiter said, “… all the servers I work with hate having to wait on minorities, Black people, in particular, (and over half or our wait staff is Black!!!).”

Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration did a study on tipping and found that a major divide in tipping between Black people and White people does exist.

NPR reports that:

“The study found that 63 percent of blacks and 30 percent of whites didn’t understand that the standard restaurant tip in the United States is 15 to 20 percent.”

Those who work in the service industry and come upon a group of Black people in your section are forewarned: Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes tipping. Regardless of your serving skills, even LeBron James might stiff you. Odds are, like all Black people and their reluctance to leave a gratuity, he will.



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44 Responses to #6. Tipping

  1. Anonymous says:

    thats so typical of all blks .

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is so right on and that makes it even funnier! Well at least for those that dont work for tips!

  3. Here in Memphrica, TN, attendees of the annual Church of God in Christ (COGIC) convention are notorious for their abuse of wait staffs. Their revulsion to tipping servers is one of the most well-documented and most odious aspects of their yearly ravaging of downtown Memphrica. Probably the most repugnant of their many bad behaviors is their constant pursuit of the 100% discount on their restaurant bills, which pursuit they carry out by nigh violent complaints about the bad service they imagine they receive. Rather than deal with a small-scale riot, most restaurant managers will simply not charge them for the meals. The complainers then leave, grinning and satisfied that they have procured yet another 100% discount. Perhaps that's why they don't tip – 15 to 20 percent of $0 equals $0.

  4. Anonymous says:

    yea yea same with asian people and poor white people.. yeah yeah..

  5. Anonymous says:

    More historical TNB. I've seen it here on the West Coast my whole life, just a factual thing with the bruthas ensheeit… Blacks think the world be owing them, the treat their own even worse. Look at major black inhabitated cities, blocxk after block of destrcution, this alls trts from the little things.

  6. Anonymous says:

    When tips become customary for all minimum wage jobs, I'll feel more inclined to give them. Until then, I will continue to give the minimum (if that sometimes) for adequate or less than adequate service and go above and beyond for excellent service.

  7. Anonymous says:

    They can't afford to tip because they're already behind on their alimony and child support payments. If you receive a tip at all consider yourself lucky as most blacks will skip out on the billy entirely.

  8. SuperCracker says:

    I remember one Sunday when I had to deal with an entire Black family fresh out of church. There were 12 of them. I waited on them hand and foot, patiently taking thier "order" which took 30 minutes. They all ordered water with lemon so as not to pay for a beverage.I had to explain every item on the menu, especially the specials!They ordered all of the buffet type items. They requested bread, and constant refills because they "be free riight?"I even noted one old woman jamming all of the bread in her purse, then asking for more bread.When the food came, of course none of it was up to the culinary standards of these high-society diners, and I had to run back and forth to the kitchen to re-cook or re-make the order.When they were all finally served, I was able to take a few moments to observe their behavior with all of their Sunday clothing and hats with feathers, and their loud annying banter. This was the turning point for me as a young man, when I finally realised that Blacks are very different from regular society.When it was all said and done and the bill was presented.. I think it was around 220 dollars, the old black lady called me over and pressed 3 fucking dollars in my hand like it was a goddamn religous relic sying, "This is for you young man." She SERIOUSLY thought she was giving me a good tip!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    whats the difference between a canoe and a black person?…a canoe tips!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    When I was a delivery guy as a teenager I used to get tips from really hot black chicks. The men would always give me an excuse as to why they weren't tipping so I never expected it. But in my personal experience, attractive black women will tip for good service.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What a piece of shit you are! Go back to school! YOu sound like an uneducated piece of trash. Who cares that you THINK you have money. What.. do you feel this is payback for your slavery? Oh yea.. YOU were NOT a SLAVE… Your probably not even an ancestor of a slave. ** FYI most servers make ONLY $2.00 per hour. For your brain that is two dollars an hour. THEY RELY ON TIPS ALONE. They hand out a percentage of their SALES to the bartenders, bussers & food runners….TIPS are on average 15-20% PERCENT of THE TOTAL CHECK MORON!!!! Most decent WHITE people comprehend this & restaurant prices reflect this as well. Once taxes are taken out, their check is zero, & then owe the IRS at the end of the year. So…Do all servers a favor and EAT AT HOME…KFC…Popeye or McDONALDS where tips are not required!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Even if blacks were not allowed into restaurants 40 years ago they now know tipping standards. It's time to evolve. Maybe it's an intelligence problem–there is a big IQ disparity between races so maybe they just need the tipping charts instead of trying to figure it out in their heads?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I'm not black and I don't like tipping either. I do however. Mostly cause of the social obligation it has become. I don't like the idea of paying for such high price meal(usually average quality) then paying for the waiter's wages separately. I don't feel sorry for waiters(not the high end ones)because I know they are getting good money for little work. They are not the sympathy case they are made out to be.However, I too have seen that blacks don't like to tip personally. I once had breakfast with a black co-worker. He was perturbed at the idea of tipping. I later gave him the 5 dollars that made up his share of the change/tip. I'm not totally against tipping but it shouldn't be mandatory as it should be a reward for good work or and incentive for continued good work. I don't like that set up but I deal with it since that's how society works and eating out is a luxury.

  14. Anonymous says:

    You dick, anonymous from the most recent post. If you've never worked in a restaurant before, you have no idea the work we do. We don't just take an order and then deliver it to you. We do side-work (thoroughly cleaning the restaurant at the end of the night), "running" side-work (such as carrying buckets of ice, making sauces from scratch, cutting lemons, etc.) We clean, we sweep, we mop, we refill things, we bake bread, we scoop butter… Just because you're too much of a moron to know what goes on behind the scenes at a restaurant doesn't entitle you to not tip. You are ignorant and stupid and most likely uneducated and probably non-sympathetic. I wouldn't want you as a friend or even an acquaintence.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I work at a very crowded restaurant in Los Angeles. I grew up in New York City and am quite used to different races and religions. I can honestly say that the majority of the black people that dine at our restaurant REFUSE TO ACT LIKE HUMANS. The stereotype of zoo animals and monkeys hanging from cages is the most accurate way to describe their tasteless and classless behavior.When a lower class black table from Compton takes the bus to our restaurants the majority of our servers rather walk off the floor then serve them. THEY NEVER FAIL TO CONFIRM EVERY STEREOTYPE IN THE BOOK.1. They don't order like humans because english is a complicated language.2. They send all food back because they decided they rather have something else.3. They need all refills (as long as they're free)4. They order 5 course meals and then each of their 12-15 family members need different checks.5. If they decide to even pay the bill at all it's a complete stiff or 3% at best.KEEP YOUR BLACK ASS AT HOME AND ORDER YOUR HOT WINGS AT POPEYES! Just because our president is black doesn't mean your entitled to treat white people like shit. COMPTON SUCKS!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree. My mother is Dominican and Black. You will never see me caught dead going out with that side of the family. I have and they are very rude and disrespectful to the waiters and saying racist things about white waiters (I'm always apologizing on their behalf), they never tip them, they are loud and had no sense of class whatsoever. It's like are you serious? Personally, I don't know how my dad became involved with that side of the family, especially since me and my dad (my dad's white) are the quiet, well-mannered people. It's annoying. I'm not going to lie, it's very discouraging to be quarter black because most black people in the world rather be that way than actually act like a civilized human being. No offence at all to the black community, it's the truth. They get mad if you stereotype, but if they wouldn't do the crap that they do, they wouldn't be classified as any of that. Plus, I don't look black or sound like it (Trust me, English is my forte and I'm very anal about people not using proper English) so no one ever believes me when I tell them, so lucky me I can pass for something else. :p

  17. Jason says:

    I have been a waiter for 9 years. I have 2 kids and go to school full time. The last thing I want to do is wait on a black person at work because I know that I am gonna get my ass ran off for 2 bucks…maybe. I am just waiting for the day after I graduate where I can rip up some inconsiderate black assholes 1 dollar bill spit on it and throw it in their face and tell them to piss off. Unfortuantely where I work we have a deal on 2 dinners for a low price, which brings out all the hood rats. I know their are terrible white tippers, mexicans and so on…but atleast you dont know it as they are being sat and you havent even spoken to them yet. And dont say that it is my attitude, because I still to this day go above and beyond with a smile on my face the whole time to prove to myself that it isn't me…it really is JUST them being pathetic wastes of human space.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I deliver Pizza's for Domino's and I kept a tally of tippers and non-tippersby race…..in a 3 month span that I was keeping up with the stats 98% of the Black people I delivered to did not tip at all…..32% of white people did not tip……even though the box's say that "our drivers work for tips" Also most problems I had with customers trying to short change you came from the blacks….there really is a difference in the races…sorry but it's true….and most of the "scammers" were black and acted like complete zoo animals….if blacks really want to be treated the same …they need to at least pretend like they have some class in public!

  19. Anonymous says:

    OMG..this is 2010!! ..habits, ways, standard of tipping is NOT a color issue! Everyone has their own thoughts/and ways.. there ARE stingy cheap tippers from ALL color, race and background. There ARE ill mannered, loud and rude people from ALL color, race and background. To describe a whole race of people as "zoo animal"…look around at your 'OWN people'..and you'll find your share of ANIMALS. Enough is enough.. Btw, I am NOT of Black decent, but I am also not white! Can't we all just get along?!?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Its true, I get so frustrated when I wait on black people. They always want extra sauces extra lemons for there water, and hardly ever say please or thank you. They act all nice to you until you bring the bill, then they jsut be thinking I should have satyed at home and made my own chicken, so they decide to tip 5 dollars and a 100 dollar tab, but what I dont understand is, how can you spend 100 dollars on food, but cant tip more then 5 dollars, but yet black people claim, they are the superior race and are so smart, but yet act in such an ignorant mannor

  21. Sometimesyou must be similar in character will have suffering enough from the stern still ploughing and foaming through the press, take things calmly. I liked reading this. I bookmark your blog. Keep up the good work. I am sure you will get some thumbs up 🙂 & give your valuable feedback on http://limosbusesjets.com

  22. Anonymous says:

    Lets me totally honest here…..most black people DO NOT want equal rights, they want all rights!!1 The main reason that they do not tip is because they are generally selfish by nature…..they really are the "Debble" not white people…..A black person can walk through any all white neighborhood with a rolex and gold chains on and nothing will happen….however if a white person tries that same tactic with the afore mentioned accessories….they will be approached and at a minimun harrassed….

  23. Anonymous says:

    I deliver pizza for a living, and take care of a kid on my own, and I get stiffed on tips quite a bit. Mostly from blacks. If the name on the ticket says "Shaniqua" or whatever, I already know. But I've misjudged quite a bit, expecting to get stiffed, but then I don't. I like it when a black person writes "$0.00" on my credit card slip. That right there tells me something. They get a kick out of it. Why waste my ink? It's as if they are making it look like you're getting something, then you get a suprise when you look at it later at the end of the day. I always tell myself to deal with it better than beating myself up over a couple dollars, "That is what THEY do…." I may get stiffed, but I still have a better chance in many other things than THEY do. 😀

  24. Anonymous says:

    I can't stan waiting on black people they are so fucking ignorant stupid I waited on 18 fucking black people and them stupid motha fuckas gave me 11 bucks for my time I even song happy birthday to their stupid asses it pissed me off they can't read the menu take forever to order their meal run you to death when the bill comes out they look at everything anal like you over charged their black asses they order shit that they can't even pronounce then send it back when it comes to a tip its always nothing or 2 funky ass dollars and wonder why no one wants to wait on their black dirty asses I hate waiting on them they are so fucking ignorant and they will never get its shows you they are incapeable of learning anything loud and just stupid as ever I run when I see them coming I am sure people spit in their food any way ha how stupid are they lol when are they gonna get it bring money when you go out to eat they are picky as hell and always complaing and want something for free if you entertain their ghetto asses

  25. Anonymous says:

    It is absolutly true that about 65% of black people, especially the ghetto looking ones completly stiff wait staff with ridiculous tips of 5 or 10 bucks on 100+ tabs. Every single waiter and waitress i know cannot stand waiting on the majority of them. it is a fact i have begun to accept. no matter how great the service most will slap you a 5$ bill into your hand, thank you for the great service, all awhile you just got 5 bucks on a 100+ tab. its such ashame that a lot of blacks give their whole race a bad name. i know not every black is like this, but is my experience, most of them are. it is just not right.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I find it's not all black people, it's the "ghetto" people. Where I work, if they are conjugating their verbs correctly you are in the clear for a normal tip. Or if it is a hot black chick like someone said. But if they are not speaking English correctly ("what this be?"), 95% of the time it's $5. It's a $5 phenomenon. They aren't looking at the total of the bill, they pay the 100 or 200 bucks and think $5 is a good tip for whatever. I think it's a ghetto cultur thing. When I was a valet, though, I thought black people tipped great, because they always gave me 5 bucks, instead of 2 or 3. Now as a waiter, that 5 bucks sucks. But they think a $5 tip is a good tip for whatever, they aren't doing math to figure out percentages. I work at a pretty expensive place, too. Conversely, if you can keep their check down to $25 or $30 that 5 bucks isn't so bad, but it's hard to keep their bill low. They do like spending lots of money, just not tipping the cultural norm in the US. There is a social contract when dining out in this country, it might not be right, but that's the reality of the US. Onetime I got a $40 tip on a $60 check from a super ghetto black dude, though, so you never know. I always give them extra good service regardless. And what's up with them all calling the bill/check the "ticket"? "Lemme git the ticket." ?? Where's that from?

  27. Anonymous says:

    I think its just ignorance, not race. People I know that tip that way, black or white…. they think that 5 or 10 bucks is just a good tip. They think they are just tipping and that they dont have to do any math, like my dad thought me 10% of the bill if the waiter is just bad and 20% if the waiter does their job… and yes I am 100% black…

  28. Anonymous says:

    I have found that young black women (20-35) normally do tip when I deliver pizza's, if there isn't a man at the door with them….I don't know why this is true, but it is….other then that most Black people DO NOT TIP AT ALL!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I am a bartender at a club and I can state – without a doubt – that black people frequently meet our staff's expectations by not tipping. I've read all of the theories and I can confidently say that they are, for the most part, crap. Don't suggest that it's ignorance, because people that don't tip will try their best to slyly walk away before you notice, or while you have your back turned.Also, as a suggestion to service-industry folks that post on these message boards – don't get on here, advocate that blacks don't tip, and then make an ass out of yourself with, "…but I'm not racist." No, you are. I know this because I am racist. Everyone in the service-industry is racist. Hell, everyone in the world is racist. The sooner that we all accept that we are fundamentally different, the better off we'll be.Finally, to you scum-bag non-tippers. Know this – when it comes to the bartender, we always win. Notice me serving all those people around you first? Notice that short-pour on your "(Lemme getta) Henny and Coke"? Notice the 11 one-dollar bills I (eventually) give you for change? We always win. Always.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I am a female bartender at an upscale entertainment venue. Tickets for the shows start at $50, so one would think that people with money and class are more likely to attend. However, when my customers are black, they rarely tip. Apparently I'm not the only one who wonders about this: when I googled "Why don't black people tip?" it was the first topic to pop up on the search engine. What I'd like to see is a black person actually answer this question without blaming poor tipping on bad service. Why don't black people tip on good service?

  31. Anonymous says:

    I am a female bartender at an upscale entertainment venue. Tickets for the shows start at $50, so one would think that people with money and class are more likely to attend. However, when my customers are black, they rarely tip. Apparently I'm not the only one who wonders about this: when I googled "Why don't black people tip?" it was the first topic to pop up on the search engine. What I'd like to see is a black person actually answer this question without blaming poor tipping on bad service. Why don't black people tip on good service?

  32. Anonymous says:

    I have a daughter in college and she's working as a waitress at a national chain restaurant. She has come to realize that blacks are just not going to tip. I almost want to slide all wait-staff a $10 bill while standing at the black patron's table a say, "Here,because I know they're not going to tip." Oh, but wait, then they'll be offended and cause a scene.

  33. Anonymous says:

    i deliver for pizza hut and it's so true. i'd say roughly 85 percent of the time if it is a black person it is no tip. i have noticed especially if you walk up and they are all smiles and thanking you for getting there really fast, that is definitely a no tip, they gave you praise and not money; and most of the complaints are from blacks trying to get something for free

  34. Anonymous says:

    I have never looked down or shunned anyone based solely on their color until I started waiting tables. For years blacks have complained and fought for equal rights and something as simple as have the common courtesy and proper ettiquette as a human being is too far fetched for most black people in regards to tipping. I just do not get it. I know that its not all but at least 80 percent of my restaurants black patrons tip horribly and this is in an upscale place. Yet many will wonder why their is still racism and why the term "nigger" which means ignorant is still used. If my mother that is poor can tip 20 percent when she goes out to eat then anyone should otherwise keep your ignorant asses at home unless you want spit, visine, pubic hair etc in your food. See what many ignorant blacks fail to realize is that when your acting like an ignorant piece of shit your server is messing with your food. So if you want to go out in public act like you have some sense and tip like ladies and gentleman and not ignorant classless people. Maybe intime your server wont hate to be waiting on you

  35. Anonymous says:

    If you dont have the money to tip your server which is another human being then dont go out to eat plain and simple. You want racism to cease here is one area that you can help that. To go out and leave shitty tips to your servers shows the class that you carry. While i see that this is not all black people it is in the vast majority. For the black people that are 17 to 20 percent or more tippers you are conducting yourselves like decent human beings and not like gutter trash and their is something to be said for that regardless of your financial resources. Not all waiters are trash either as many judgemental people may think. Many are single parents, college students, or even college graduates that just cant find a job due to the economy. What gets me is when black families go out and not only do they not tip but they will order some of the most expensive things on the menu. It is stuff like this that causes many in society to look down on the black race and hurt those that are good productive citizens rich or poor from getting the equal status that they deserve. It kind of makes sense to me though. Many blacks in my opinion will refuse to tip hard working servers at restaurants but will have no issue sucking up on government money because they are too damn fat and or lazy to get a job and work for a living. I understand that not all black people are like this but when 80 percent tip terribly and only 10 percent of whites tip terribly there seems to be a problem here. If we are to be a color free and equal society how is something as simple and ettiquettely standard as tipping another human being for service so diverse based on the color of a person. Even on Sundays when church gets out I see blacks come in and tip 10 percent or under. That is terrible and Im sorry but I do not know what church that you go to but the Jesus Christ I know would not consider that proper.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Im not racist btw. Im just calling things as they are in the above post. I consider all people equal but it is hard to do so as a waiter when whites tip better than blacks. As human beings I dont understand why this is the case. This is something that the black community may need to look at and cure within itself. If you cant or dont want to tip then just dont go out or go somewhere where tipping is not needed or expected. I mean seriously you know. If I dont have money to tip I dont go out period.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I love some of the posts here saying "there is no differences between the way people of different races tip", etc…Have you people ever waited tables before? It is a FACT, plain and simple that Black people, on the whole, do not like to tip…and conversely are the most demanding patrons out there. I waited tables for several years in a majority black southern city, and I have seen it first hand! Black patrons generally lack any kind of empathy with their servers and will think nothing of running them ragged with stupid requests (go git me an extra straw!) then leaving nothing. Not only that but the 'dine and dash' was such an epidemic that we started to require that patrons give us a credit card and/or driver's license before they ordered anything. Of course this didn't go over too well…If you are in the service industry try to find a job (if you can) where there aren't many black patrons.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I served for several years in a few different (and I do mean DIFFERENT) places. As anyone who's ever worked the job is saying, this is true, black people do NOT tip! And moreover, yes, they are typically more demanding and disrespectful toward the server. (And, of course, do their damnedest to raise enough hell over nothing for the manager to just give up and say, "okay…comp it…sigh…")And the funny bit is, this is not biased in any way at all. Because, while EVERY last server I've ever worked with do their best to not get doomed to the "black table," it was the BLACK servers who were most dominant about "I don't serve black people."

  39. Anonymous says:

    I hate serving nigs. I work in a kosher style restaurant, and the jews tip 20%. When the nigs walk in even the black servers get pissed. Sometimes we just let them sit there until they get mad that no one has come for their order and leave, hahahaha.

  40. Anonymous says:

    My brother was a server in TN. He HATED when they would walk in…they wanted the moon and stars…and then left nothing. It got to the point where the restaurant made everyone pay 18%. The women were the worst!

  41. Anonymous says:

    I returned to college recently in middle-age and am working two service industry jobs-one as a pizza delivery driver for a national chain, and one as a server at a very upscale seafood restaurant. The delivery area for the pizza chain is in middle-class city neighborhoods, and is approximately 50%/50% white/black. About 90% of the white customers tip decently to well, 10% tip poorly or not at all. About 50% of the black customers do not tip at all, wanting everypenny of change. About 35% allow me to keep the small change, whatever it maybe, e.g., $33.79 tab, here's $34.00, keep it. About 15% tip decently to well. Another difference is that most white customers greet me promptly at the door, ready to receive their orders and pay me. Generally when I arrive at a black customer's residence it takes several minutes of concentrated knocking or bell-ringing to get a response. This is followed by several more minutes waiting as the customer yells and curses at other people, attempts to gather money/coupons, talks on the telephone or just wanders off. At the expensive downtown restaurant(entrees are $28.00-$54.00), it's different. About 95% of white customers tip decently to well, 5% tip poorly, and I have never been stiffed outright by a white customer at this restaurant. About 35% of black customersdo not tip at all, 40% leave $1.00 per person regardless of the size of the bill, and 25% tip decently to well. The 35% also includes the frequent groups that skip or attempt to skip out on the bill-several times management has had to call out the kitchen staff to help detain these "dine and dashers" while the police were called; as well it includes those whose invented complaints about food and/or service are delivered in such loud, abusive and threatening tones that management comps some or all of their bill just to get them out of there.Oddly enough, these complaints rarely begin until nearly all food and drink have been consumed, and all of these customers leave smirking. Likewise, many of these customers wear clothing and jewelry costing thousands of dollars. I do not believe poor tipping to be a wholly racial thing, nor do I believe it to be based on ignorance. My black co-workers at both jobs complain of the same treatment. I honestly believe this practice to be based on attempting to get something for nothing by sticking it to the "man", whoever or whatever the "man" may be.My city's population is approximately 70% black, and over 50% of that population is on some or all parts of the public dole-welfare, food stamps, section 8, public housing, SSI, SSDI, medicare/medicaid, pharmacy assistance, energy assistance, WIC, discounted or free public transportation, and a myriad of additional city, state and Federal programs. Fraud is rampant in all of these programs and in most instances condoned, or simply ignored. While I would not be happy living on government handouts, I would not show such disdain, resentment and contempt for those who work very hard to supply them for me.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Yeahhh………basically all of the above :). The thing that really gets me is I am so polite to everyone because i think MAYBE just maybe if I treat them better than others don't they might tip better. Nope. Not the case. Most of the times (because I'm such an extraordinary server) I get GLOWING compliments at the end of the meal and then it's a $60 bill and I get 4 bucks. ha. I still treat everyone the same because I'm a nice person and I KNOW some people who are like fuck this I"m not going to get a tip they can wait for their refills.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Black people are our misfortune.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I was a server, all the above is true (those that deny haven't been a server), but servers have to take credit for much of the blame for the way they are treated. Out of a staff of 20ish I was the only one who voted conservative or voted at all. If you vote for democraps, you get third world ghettoes, because these destroyers of America are their constituents. Until the libtards are removed from several years all law making and current communist policies repealed it will only get worse… I believe we are on the verge of collapse and race wars

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