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#75. Lack of Black Head Coaches in College Football

Bear Bryant, whom many consider to be the finest football coach in history, will also be the man that Black people in the future “Black World” canonize as being the patron saint of making Southern football accommodating to Black people, … Continue reading

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All Quiet Before the Storm

Friends of SBPDL. Your patience in waiting for new posts will be rewarded with a flurry of posts today and the rest of the week. As stated, changes are coming to the blog with the introduction of a true website … Continue reading

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#29. The Great Outdoors

Black people are the most interesting subject matter, not just in the United State, but on earth. Today’s posting will justify that claim. It has been hypothesized that all human life evolved out of Africa, but the lack of development … Continue reading

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#111. Fox News Channel

Black people, as we have discussed, do not like their Local Nightly News Casts. Unlike ESPN, which highlights Black people in one of the only endeavors they excel in (sports), nightly news casts shine a dis-nevering light upon the Black … Continue reading

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#567. Vice President Joe Biden

Rare indeed is the victor that looks to his vanquished opponent for support or help. In the Rocky movie series, Apollo Creed – a Black person – offers his services to Rocky Balboa in the franchises third installment, in exchange … Continue reading

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The coming age of SBPDL

Stuff Black People Don’t Like has taken a two-day break from posting, as the mind behind SBPDL is traveling in the western portion of the United States. Amazingly, the web traffic for SBPDL is growing at a shocking pace, even … Continue reading

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#1001. Pre-Obama America Horror Films (reader submitted entry)

(SBPDL is pleased to have a number of highly educated readers. This is the first reader submitted idea that is published under the rubric of SBPDL. If you have ideas that fit the SBPDL mold, please submit them to … Continue reading

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