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Happy Halloween From SBPDL

No new posts today (a lack of sleep and a lack of time equals new posts coming tomorrow), but we will wrap up the Halloween week at SBPDL in style tomorrow on All Saints Day. In the meantime, Happy Halloween … Continue reading

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#716. The Ghost Costume for Halloween

Already, we have discussed that Black people don’t particularly enjoy Ghosts (registered mail and dogs are also on that list). Halloween is closely linked with reverence for the dead and an understanding that on Halloween, the thin line that separates … Continue reading

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#717. Halloween Movies for Kids

In but a few days time, millions of youth will take to the streets to trick or treat for candy from neighbors; fraternities will once again be host to parties that leave little to the imagination; and adults will dress … Continue reading

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#24. Their Own Hair

Have you ever seen Liar Liar? This film happens to be one of Jim Carrey’s finest and contains one of the most interesting nuggets of truth imaginable, as Carrey’s character is unable to lie for one day (thanks to a … Continue reading

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#718. Fraternity Halloween Gatherings

College is a four-year experience in the United States that supplies those who make it through with a degree and the keys to success in life. Most interestingly, many times as the person rides the journey of life with the … Continue reading

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#719. McDonald’s Celebrating Halloween

There is a time and place that is now but an epoch of history, forever enshrined in the history books as an era of oppression, persecution and cultural hegemony fostered upon venerable Black people who were mere unwitting subjects to … Continue reading

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Halloween Week at SBPDL

The response to SBPDL’s request for Halloween stories was tremendous (Keep them coming… send them to stuffblackpeople@gmail, or any other correspondence you might have can be addressed there) and we are working overtime to produce prose worthy of the holiday. … Continue reading

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