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What Do You Say?

Some people still don’t get Stuff Black People Don’t Like. Why have a website like SBPDL? Is it run by Black people? Is it run by white people who dislike Black people? We get a lot of email from curious … Continue reading

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#1000. "F*** Tha Police" as just a Song

gThis will be expanded upon, but Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes “F*** Tha Police” as just a song. Very disturbing stuff (buried at the bottom of the story is the race of the killer): The man who killed four … Continue reading

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#235. Tiger Woods Fall From Grace

Stuff Black Like People Don’t Like has said it before and we will say it again: without sports – and ESPN – Black people would have few, if any positive images to display to the world. Sports allowed integration – … Continue reading

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#123. Those Who Can See

We at SBPDL talk about college football and sports all the time for one simple reason: without sports, Black people would have absolutely no positive images to project to the American people. Integration and the breakdown of entrenched dogmatic white … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving… Ready for Black Friday?

Happy Thanksgiving from SBPDL. New post(s) coming later tonight, after a heavy consumption of food with the family. The question though, is are you ready for Black Friday Lines? Last year, Black people trampled a Black person to death as … Continue reading

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#83. Magnificent Train Stations

Integration. Could this four syllable word be the driving force behind the ruination of the U.S. major city and worse, the degradation of the environment and the harbinger of man-made global warming? Pre-Obama America was a veritable Whitopia, with more … Continue reading

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#231. Peddling Real Tickets to Sporting Events

Ask yourself this question and the answer will be provided after a few seconds of deliberation: Where do Black people get all those tickets to scalp to people without tickets before seemingly every sporting event in the country? Ready for … Continue reading

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