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The Impending Collapse of South Africa and the Implications for the 2010 World Cup

We at SBPDL went on record that a Nelson Mandela death prior to the 2010 World Cup would ruin the chances of a successful futbol (soccer) tournament in that downtrodden nation. But two months away from the first kick, soccer … Continue reading

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#19. Snitching

Cooperating with police has long been an act Black people find unnecessary and in some cases, reprehensible. Doing so creates a disconnect between the Black person who finds common ground with the officer of the law and thus, they turn … Continue reading

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#879. Wrestlemania Main Events

In 1987, the Pontiac Silverdome – long since sold for less than 1 percent of what it cost to erect the impressive stadium – was home to one of pop cultures most enduring moments. The Super Bowl? The NCAA Final … Continue reading

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Rev. Wright on Health Care and the War against Covering Everyone

Black people don’t want to pay for health care. The Obama Administration turned to a Webster look-a-like to ensure that his cuteness would deflect criticism of his Health Care Bill.Marcelas Owens – the Emmanuel Lewis, Webster wannabe – is the … Continue reading

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#564. Attacks on Marcelas Owens

In the annals of literature, the image of pitiful Tiny Tim resonates deeply with readers of Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, as the handicapped infant represents the personification of hope. His frail body is the embodiment of nature’s cruel neglect, … Continue reading

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"Flash Mobs" in Philly; "Smash and Grab" in Atlanta.. 365 Black!

Flash mobs in Philly. Smash and grab in Atlanta. All thanks to Black people! First, The New York Times on the Black Flash Mobs in Philadelphia: The flash mobs have raised questions about race and class. Most of the teenagers … Continue reading

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Universal Health Care in a Nutshell

Black people don’t want to pay for health care. The state of Black America is in shambles and Black unemployment levels is reaching unprecedented levels. The Urban League is reporting that the gap in nearly every category that is quantifiable … Continue reading

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