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#64. No Loitering Signs

Loitering. Nationwide, businesses are confounded with the problem of individuals who have the apparent goal of standing around pointlessly with no desire to purchase any goods, but to merely engage in prolonged periods of fixed lingering. No attempt is made … Continue reading

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One Game Changes Everything

If you watch ESPN, you have seen this tag line for the 2010 World Cup quite frequently – One Game Changes Everything. The idea behind this marketing strategy is to imply that with the first game being played in South … Continue reading

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Is Racism a Mental Illness?

SBPDL travels a lot. Having the opportunity to visit virtually every state in the union grants a unique perspective to the tastes and peculiarities of Black people in geographically diverse areas. Recently while waiting for a connection in the surprisingly … Continue reading

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#321. Journey

It is telling that in the final episode of the HBO show The Sopranos, the song Don’t Stop Believing played at the series denouement. The Sopranos was a show that Black people viewed with apprehension since the first episode and … Continue reading

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#65. Dress Codes

Do private businesses have the right to decide who frequents their establishment? In Black Run America, the notion of private businesses serving customers at their discretion is not allowed, as all companies hoping to maintain positive standing with the government … Continue reading

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An Anniversary at SBPDL: Time Does Fly by When You’re Having Fun

One year ago, six friends gathered in a house to discuss amongst other things, Black people. As many people are painfully aware, public discourse hardly reflects the private conversations that take place throughout the nation among the safety of ones … Continue reading

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Robin Hood, Rand Paul and Courage

Out in theaters last weekend is the latest cinematic interpretation of Robin Hood. Directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe as the eponymous hero, something atavistic is on display that is oddly out place in Black Run America (BRA). … Continue reading

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