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The Blackout Defense: The Future is now for Criminals

The Blackout Defense is soon to be a staple of defense attorneys everywhere, and will be coming to a courtroom near you soon. In Black Run America, criminality is but the logical outcome of years of pent-up aggression to an … Continue reading

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#124. Angelina Jolie Portraying Cleopatra

Michael Jackson famously bleached his skin in an all out effort to become white; had plastic surgery to replace his God-given looks with features that esthetically would be deemed white; and had his hair straightened in an attempt to undo … Continue reading

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The Kitchen Sink isn’t safe in South Africa… Thoughts on the World Cup thus far

A Vuvuzela-induced media blackout on crime in South Africa has thus far occurred during the 2010 World Cup. Though a nation perennially awash in a poisonous amalgamation of both petty and appalling crime (boasting one of the highest murder rates … Continue reading

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So Much Potential… Gone With the Wind

Birmingham, Alabama… the home of one of the highest crime rates in America. Dubbed “The Killing Years” a whole generation of Black people have been eradicated by other Black people in a war that is not limited to this municipality. … Continue reading

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Where did AIDS Come From?: The Sordid Tale of Byron Christopher Jordan

Sometimes you come across a story that is so revolting and so barbaric that one might assume it came from the lurid and tawdry imagination of a charlatan attempting to peddle more newspapers. The following story is one such example … Continue reading

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#176. The Super Soaker

In the upcoming science-fiction film Inception, one of the main characters is heard to state: “What’s the most resilient parasite? An Idea. A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite … Continue reading

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#89. Bad Family Reunion T-Shirts

Black people are fiercely individualistic when it comes to sports, especially in how they compete in so-called team sports such as basketball, soccer and football. The differences in the racial styles of athletic performance were apparent during the 2010 NCAA … Continue reading

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