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#29. Reality TV

It started with Edtv, only to be followed by The Truman Show. Soon, a decision was made to emulate fiction with Survivor, Temptation Island, Big Brother, The Real World and other cheaply produced television shows that required no long-term contracts … Continue reading

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Thank You for the Donations

A big thank you to those who have taken the time out of your busy day and schedule to donate and contribute money to this website; your donation will help to continue SBPDL’s growth and reach. I can’t thank those … Continue reading

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Mein Obama Calls Black People "Eggplants"

You have to love Mein Obama. His ratings are failing dramatically, the voters who put him in the White House are fleeing with no sign of returning and yet Black people still love their man (though Gallup’s newest poll shows … Continue reading

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Can’t Hardly Wait – White Boy Beaten for Listening to Rap

Some people have been worrying rap music is going soft, the hardcore nature of the genre removed so as to be more palatable to a larger purchasing segment of the population. This isn’t the case in Florida, where a white … Continue reading

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Death Sentence for Kyser Miree in Mobile: The Story You’ll Only Find Here

Death Sentence is a 2008 Kevin Bacon film that deals with the ritualistic murder of his son by a multi-racial gang preparing to initiate a new recruit. This type of event happens all the time in real-life, but these gangs … Continue reading

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#87. The Great Books

Enter any school room in America where English is the primary subject and chances are you will happen upon a discussion of some great book or work of literary merit. Crusading White Pedagogues eagerly discuss the qualities and virtues of … Continue reading

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A Statement of Intentions : Facing the Future

A number of books have come out recently dealing with future prognostications. Will the 21st century be the “Chinese Century”? Perhaps the century India rises? Some books project that life in 2050 America will resemble a nirvana, peace in every … Continue reading

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