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Brawl in Miami Mall: It Makes Sense When you Wear Black Goggles

Think of the world as it appears when you’re intoxicated. A heightened sense of invincibility overtakes your normal emotions and demeanor, superseding rationality and civility. You slur your speech in an almost unintelligible dialect, with all inhibitions vanishing as your … Continue reading

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Katrina Turns 5: She’s Growing up so Fast!

What a birthday party! Over the weekend Hurricane Katrina turned five-years-old; and to commemorate this milestone much ink and television coverage was devoted to doting over her in the required, obligatory terms. The legacy of Katrina, said the President, must … Continue reading

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A Guy, a Girl and a Pizza: Black People and Tipping

We know that tipping is included in SBPDL. One of the most popular entries here (prior to the censoring by Google) saw people working in the service industry verifying the authenticity of the post with hilarious responses and first-hand accounts … Continue reading

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Truth, Justice and the American Way: "Restoring Honor" meets BRA in DC

It’s really amazing to consider what is transpiring in the United States of America right now. But a week ago, this blog pointed out that the film The Crazies depicted a world that, in reality, Black people inhabit everyday without … Continue reading

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Black People Love Being Black: The Canonization of Antoine Dodson

Steve Sailer is a favorite writer of SBPDL. Though he has never mentioned this blog nor allowed any links that would send a reader here to be posted in his comment section, we feel in many ways that this Web … Continue reading

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Editors note: Inadvertently, a post was deleted that must now be rewritten. Such is life, right? Currently, I’m working on five big pieces (one or two of which will appear on a different Web site), but the tragic loss of … Continue reading

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Field of Broken Dreams: Groups of Black people attack Whites at Iowa State Fair

All along, this blog has attempted to showcase what life is really like in the United States. By daring to expose the various things that Black people find offensive and not appealing to their delicately cultured and cosmopolitan tastes, Stuff … Continue reading

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