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No Homo: The Fall of Bishop Long

Mark your calendars: 10-10-10 approaches. The first year of Stuff Black People Don’t Like released in book form. A major announcement will accompany the release of the book as well. Major. What will that be, you inquire? Stay tuned. Just … Continue reading

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The Funniest Story We Have Ever Read – Shreveport White Mayoral Candidate Goes for the Gizzard in a Town Already Cooked

Flyer for the Wings and Limo Ride We talked about chicken and Shreveport two days ago. Well, this story has taken a hilarious turn that must be discussed. Martin Luther King Street in Shreveport was to be the venue of … Continue reading

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Request: Video from Seminole County- Daleville (Ala.) Football Game Brawl

A massive, bench-clearing brawl took place during the Seminole County (Georgia) and Daleville High School (Alabama) football game. Following similar patterns of athletic brawls at the high school and collegiate level nationwide, SBPDL believes this brawl deserves recognition at this … Continue reading

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Chicken Wings, Black-on-Black Crime and Freedom Rides: Finger Lickin’ Good in BRA!!

It is a well-known fact that chicken is the number one choice of meat in the Black community. Fried, baked, grilled, crispy, preferably free, with or without bones, in a bucket, in the form of a nugget, stolen by Precious, … Continue reading

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#36. Demonization of Ebonics

Black people love being Black. Every negative stereotype that white people whisper about in hurried, hushed sentences – for fear that a Commissar of Black Run America (BRA) might be near – is but a point of pride that Black … Continue reading

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Kill Whitey? Is this what Disingenuous White Liberals want?

We know – thanks to the coverage of the Omar Thornton story – that there can be no peace. Those who perished weren’t even buried before Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) in the media castigated them for alleged – by the … Continue reading

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Facebook Creator gives $100 Million to Newark’s Troubled Public Schools; The Social Network will still be Released

What would you do with $100 million dollars? Think about it for a second. No, give it a few more seconds. In fact, take your time with this question. All right. What did you come up with? Well, if you … Continue reading

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