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#6. Tipping

One of the many secrets that Black people never wanted to be shared with the masses is their complete and utter disdain for tipping. Black people are intrinsically opposed to parting with their money – one of the reasons they … Continue reading

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#261. Dying First in Film

 There exists an unwritten rule in cinema: The Black character always dies first in the movie. Whether the film is action, drama, a love story or a psychological thriller, the Black character always dies first. In the horror genre, this … Continue reading

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Does the Black Vote Matter? No

In 2008 voter turnout during the United States Presidential election reached epic levels. Black people, encouraged by the candidacy of Mein Obama, went to the polls in record numbers. 65.2 percent of eligible Black voters went to the polls, supporting … Continue reading

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#421. The ‘Noose’ Halloween Decoration

Few things in life conjure images of dread more than the prospect of death. The macabre thought of how we will meet our end is a contemplation few dare entertain. Halloween is a time of the year where the ghostly, … Continue reading

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The Return of Halloween: Devils Night is Back

Trick or Treating. Halloween movies for kids. The ‘ghost’ costume and Halloween fraternity parties. McDonald’s old-school celebration of Halloween. Barack Obama costumes. Is there a date that plays to the memory of Pre-Obama America with greater emotional power and iconography … Continue reading

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The Roots of SWPL white people and How to get Back to the Future for Untouchable white people

Twenty-five years ago, a movie debut that changed cinema forever. Spawning two sequels, Back to the Future became the gold standard for time-travel movies and created a squirm-inducing moment when Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) locked lips with … Continue reading

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Stuff White People Like whites against Untouchable whites

For those unaware, Stuff Black People Don’t Like found inspiration in the formidable Web site and book Stuff White People Like. Originally, the plan for the forthcoming book (SBPDL: Year One) was to include a Black hand with a defiant … Continue reading

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