Does the Black Vote Matter? No

In 2008 voter turnout during the United States Presidential election reached epic levels. Black people, encouraged by the candidacy of Mein Obama, went to the polls in record numbers. 65.2 percent of eligible Black voters went to the polls, supporting Barack Obama with near monolithic solidarity:

Does the Black vote matter? No.

Fully 96 percent of black voters supported Obama and constituted 13 percent of the electorate, a 2-percentage-point rise in their national turnout. As in past years, black women turned out at a higher rate than black men.
The euphoria of potentially exculpating white guilt forever with a vote for Mein Obama prompted white people to vote for him, truly granting victory to Zod-Obama.
You see, the Black vote really doesn’t matter. It’s inconsequential save in major cities, where Black people are losing their power (like Atlanta).
If white people hadn’t voted in such dramatic numbers for Obama – again, trying to wash away the perpetual stain of oppressor from their guilt-ridden souls – Mein Obama would not have won.
Looking at Obama’s approval ratings is eye-opening: Black people support Obama with 90 percent approval, while Disingenuous White Liberals (forever haunted by the specter of white guilt) provide Obama with a 37 percent approval rating:

As many as 88 percent of African Americans approve of the job he is doing handling the economy, compared to just 33 percent of whites. While most say the economy is bad, more African Americans than whites say it is in good shape now.

More than four in five African Americans think the president has made progress on many of the important issues facing the country, including providing affordable health care to all. Eighty-five percent of black voters said Mr. Obama has made progress health care, while just 40 percent of white voters said so. When it comes to ending the war in Iraq, 82 percent of black voters said they president the president has made progress, while just 56 percent of white voters agreed.

Of course Black people are excited about the Health care bill that was rammed through Congress: it helps them disproportionately.
In 2010 though, MARS is rising. People – though loath to admit it – can see. Though few people know just how deep the infection of Black Run America (BRA) goes, they can recognize the symptoms.

The Republicans don’t care about the Black vote anymore. Nor should they. The majority of Black people vote for the Democratic Party because of the promise of entitlements, a continued expansion of the welfare state and because they rely on the Federal Government (i.e. the tax payer) to support their life styles.
Perhaps a gift of divine providence brought Stuff Black People Don’t Like online when it did, for the year and a half we have been documenting the rapid decline of America illustrates the most radical change in people’s views in American history.
Officer Crowley, though he acted ‘stupidly’, is the genesis of this awakening and when Black Run America (BRA) collapses completely in the coming years, it is he who will be remembered for the courage he displayed.
The Black vote is staying at home, having blown their wad forever on electing that half-white dude in 2008.

White people, Disingenuous White Liberals, provide the bedrock of the Democratic Party, and their diminishing numbers aren’t enough to provide Democratic candidates with victories. They need Black people and will employ any shameless tactic to get Black people to the polls:

No one expects African-Americans to vote in anywhere near their numbers from 2008, when their 65 percent turnout matched that of whites for the first time. But that isn’t stopping Democratic organizers and supporting groups from using aggressive, even racially charged, tactics to get them to the polls Tuesday.
Mein Obama is forced to call into Black radio shows in a bid to rally the troops who still support him with a Banana Republic-like 90 percent approval. Wearing Barack Obama shirts is still a fashion statement in the Black community, an accepted accoutrement denoting admiration and fealty for Mein Obama, though it’s no longer fashionable in the community that matters.
White people are beginning to realize: There is no end to  “And Then?” the perpetual question of the Black community that follows any concession made to them by the the government:

Fifty-one percent (51%) of Americans believe the U.S. government is too sensitive to the concerns of racial, ethnic and social minorities in the country.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 24% of Adults think the government is not sensitive enough. Sixteen percent (16%) say the level of sensitivity is about right. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Perhaps not surprisingly, 56% of African-Americans say the government is not sensitive enough to minority concerns, while 61% of whites think the government is overly concerned. Those of other ethnicities are narrowly divided on the question.

Washington is now bankrupt. The majority of the states are bankrupt.  The Tea Party’s agenda will be to turn off the flow of cash into the hands of those who have been anointed and entitled in BRA because they have the requisite skin pigmentation.
For far too long America has been a land where the happiness of Black people has been the primary concern and motivation of the private, public and educational sectors at the expense of the overall health of the nation.
Though few will admit what is happening, SBPDL will: we are witnessing the beginning of the rise of MARS (Middle American Radicals), the complete rejection of the principles of BRA and the move toward the Second Civil War.
Yes Barack, you must implement the Baracka Flacka Flames “Head of the State” move:

“I’m the head of the state!” President Obama shouts, with a blend of jubilation and indignation on his face.

Except that’s not exactly what he says — the sentence is spiked with an expletive and a racial epithet.

See the controversial video here

And, of course, it’s not Mr. Obama, but an extremely convincing impersonator, James Davis, performing as Baracka Flacka Flames in a video called “Head of the State.” (The video is available onYouTube and elsewhere online.) The clip, which has been viewed more than million times since Thursday, is a spoof of the bombastic “Hard in Da Paint,” the recent hit by the rowdy Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame.

After that introduction, there are three more minutes of jarring juxtapositions. Mr. Davis’s Obama raps about his detractors with more curses and epithets, smokes marijuana, dances with a bottle of alcohol, pets a pit bull and more. Actresses play the first lady (Jefandi Cato, whose resemblance to Michelle Obama is a little uncanny) and Oprah Winfrey, who happily join in the raucous party.

Become authentically Black and you can make the Black vote relevant again. That’s it. This is the only way left to stave off electoral decimation, since this election is a referendum on not only your first two years in office, but Black Run America’s legitimacy.
MARS is rising. Remember, 54 percent of the Black population lives in the Southern states (interestingly, none of the top cities in 2010 to move to are in the South). No state outside of the South has a Black population comprising more than 25 percent of the population (Delaware has a 20 percent Black population), thus proving that the Black vote is incredibly overrated.
No, the Black vote doesn’t matter at all. This is beginning to seep into the minds of people infected by years of BRA propaganda, who are slowly realizing the severity of the contagion. The public sector is completely under the spell of BRA’s power, as evidence by the Department of Justice voting intimidation issue from 2008.
Even cities with identical names to failed Black cities garner bad press for daring to change their name, thus losing the negative association.
Black Run America is akin to the Great and Powerful Oz. Scary and overwhelming to those who believe it has magical, all-encompassing powers and is unimpeachable, the reality is simply this: people are beginning to realize it’s just a bunch of DWLs behind a curtain making a lot of noise.

The Black vote doesn’t matter. It’s nice that so many Black people became inspired by Mein Obama in 2008, but that was the culmination of centuries of torment (much of it real, most of it exaggerated).
MARS is rising. Across the nation, MARS is rising. Let that sink in for a second.
MARS is rising.
The people who SWPL whites despise are daring to speak out and say enough is enough.
Courage was all it was ever going to take. Never forget that.


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