#6. Tipping

One of the many secrets that Black people never wanted to be shared with the masses is their complete and utter disdain for tipping. Black people are intrinsically opposed to parting with their money – one of the reasons they love to shop for the elusive 100 percent discounted item – and find it deplorable to have to leave a gratuity for the menial vocation of fetching and serving them their food and beverage.

Black people have developed these views from the many centuries of slave labor they were forced to perform, not only for White people in the United States, but for Muslims in the Ottoman Empire and for their fellow Black people in Africa – of which, many Black people profited enormously by selling their fellow Black people to White people.

Historically, being a slave meant doing horrible jobs for long periods of day and Black people were never tipped for their services rendered to their owner. Thus, Black people have formed an evolutionary hatred of parting with any money above the designated amount due for their meal.

Tipping is antithetical to Black people’s eating out habits. Evolutionary psychology has produced an entire race of people who are incredibly parsimonious with their money and are niggardly when it comes to dispensing even five percent to a hardworking server.

Just consult the service industry blog “I Got Stiffed” for more proof on the near monolithic decision by Black people not to leave tips for hard-working waiters.

One of the most prominent Black people , basketball player LeBron James, epitomizes the Black person who leaves porous tips. He makes roughly $15 million a year, but for a bill that came to $800, he left a mere $10 dollar tip.

The story goes as follows:

“It went down like this: LeBron pulls up in his Mercedes outside XO. People stop and try not to stare, but c’mon, it’s LeBron James. He enters the restaurant with a group of friends. On this special occasion, the King decides to dine late. He keeps his group there until around 3:45 a.m. During this time the waiter obsequiously pours drinks and fetches anything else His Greatness needs.

The final bill comes to $800. By the feudal laws of decorum, which stipulate that the affluent should administer a 20 percent gratuity, staffers figured they’d be pocketing an extra $160. But when they fetched the autographed bill after His Heinousness bolted back to Akron, their expectation turned to disbelief, then anger.
LeBron stiffed them with a meager $10 tip.”

This is not an isolated incident. Jeff Large, a Black columnist in lily-white Seattle, wrote a column about Black tipping and the reality of the problem. He too realizes that his fellow Black people are horrible tippers.

Large writes:

“It wasn’t long ago that laws changed to allow black people into businesses that would not have permitted us before, and we weren’t always welcomed warmly.
Many black folks weren’t up to speed on the culture of restaurant dining as it is practiced in more affluent communities. Surveys find an attitude difference too, as black folks wonder why restaurants don’t just pay their help a decent salary to begin with.”

He goes on to add:

“…One waiter said, “… all the servers I work with hate having to wait on minorities, Black people, in particular, (and over half or our wait staff is Black!!!).”

Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration did a study on tipping and found that a major divide in tipping between Black people and White people does exist.

NPR reports that:

“The study found that 63 percent of blacks and 30 percent of whites didn’t understand that the standard restaurant tip in the United States is 15 to 20 percent.”

Those who work in the service industry and come upon a group of Black people in your section are forewarned: Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes tipping. Regardless of your serving skills, even LeBron James might stiff you. Odds are, like all Black people and their reluctance to leave a gratuity, he will.



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3 Responses to #6. Tipping

  1. Sheila says:

    I’ve never worked as a waitress, but all my friends who did shared their views on blacks as lousy customers and cheap tippers. For what it’s worth, however, I agree that restaurants and other service industries ought to pay their workers a decent wage, instead of expecting the customer to pay extra for what is essentially doing one’s job. Then, when someone does over and above what is expected, a tip could be what it ought to be – an expression of appreciation for extraordinary service. I resent 20% being expected regardless of service quality. I decline to tip for sub-par service, and I tip generously and appreciatively for quality service.

    • Recon says:

      As a waiter, I agree, we should just raise all the prices on the menu by 20% to pay our wages. That way, I can go back to watching the football game on the TV in the bar instead of dealing with your stupid questions and needs.

  2. Recon says:

    So, with this logic, when you have your car repaired, you’d be willing to pay for the parts, but paying someone to actually put them in your car (ESSENTIALLY doing their job) would be above and beyond?

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