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Precedent Setting: Two Black Women Caught Stealing $2,400 Worth of Merchandise in their Body Fat

If trends hold, all Black women will be considered morbidly obese in 30 years It has been stated here that unless trends change, 30 years from now all Black women will be considered morbidly obese. With Black women forgetting to … Continue reading

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Portland and Fairness: Nearly a Black Christmas for DWL’s

Portland’s Mayor Sam Adams has said something incredibly interesting that warrants a quick comment: Mayor Sam Adams peddles “fairness” while Portland is awash in crime “I trust in Portlanders sense of fairness; that bad actions by one member of any … Continue reading

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We’re Back Tomorrow

A much needed break for Thanksgiving has been extended for one more day. We trust you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are gearing up for festive Christmas season. This will be a fun week here at SBPDL, as … Continue reading

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It’s called Black Friday for a reason: Lanessa L. Lattimore threatens to shoot shoppers at Toys"R" Us

Black Friday and Black people: this day is never, ever a good one for Black people. Income inequality and Black people are on a first-name basis, making consumerism an infrequent guest at the average Black household. Get out of Lanessa’s … Continue reading

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Michael Vick, the Black Quarterback and the Origins of Black Run America

We know what you are thinking… not another post on football. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and turkey day is synonymous with football, so sit back and give us a second on this one. Heroes of another era, another country In editing … Continue reading

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#52. Mall Envy

What is the greatest detriment to the success of a mall or shopping complex? Location? Natural disaster? Recession/depression? The Black mall: devoid of business None of the above. Try clientele. Shopping complexes and malls last as viable consumer destinations only … Continue reading

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: John Hughes and a Thanksgiving Tradition

John Hughes is Stuff Black People Don’t Like’s favorite director. In 2009 we published an article on him and then, sadly, not a month later he passed away. Start a new Thanksgiving tradition this year Like Turner Classic Movies (TCM), … Continue reading

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