Pitt Coach Mike Haywood Fired, the crisis of Black employment continues

Lasted less than two weeks at Pitt

In Black Run America (BRA) any vocation that has a dearth of Black participation is undoubtedly practicing racism to keep Black people in their place.

The corollary to this rule is that vocations without acceptable Black participation are invariably operating in a crisis mode and every effort to augment the number of Black people in that field will be deployed so that the crisis can be alleviated.

The postal service and barber shops represent a different story.

Police, firemen, engineers, doctors, lawyers, astronauts, oenophiles… the list is long and undistinguished for the paucity of Black men and women employed in these fields is only due to the insidious practice of racism, the true barrier to equality in employment.

We at Stuff Black People Don’t Like harbor a zeal only equaled by Richard Lapchick in following racial matters in college football, the true opiate of American masses.

In his mind poor graduation rates of Black players at virtually every major university – he is silent on the equally poor graduation rates at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) where racism on the part of administrations is highly difficult to place blame upon – is the fault of a unscrupulous white administrators and never attributable to the intellectual inability of these athlete-students.

Blacks comprise the majority of athletes in Division 1 football, yet the lack of Black head coaches violates one of the major rules of Black Run America and, consequently, the profession is in crisis mode.

If Richard Lapchick thought the firing of Ty Willingham from Notre Dame was a sad day in South Bend (he would go on to bring the University of Washington a glorious 0-11 record as coach) what must Mr. Lapchick think of the firing of Mike Haywood from the University of Pittsburgh before he even had the opportunity to coach a game?:

Pittsburgh fired football coach Mike Haywood on Saturday, saying he could not continue in the job he held for only 2½ weeks because of his arrest on a domestic violence charge.
Haywood was released Saturday from St. Joseph County Jail in Indiana on $1,000 cash bond, said an officer at the jail who declined to give her name, after the charge was upgraded from a misdemeanor to felony domestic battery in the presence of a minor.

Within hours of Haywood’s afternoon release, Pittsburgh put out a statement from Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg, saying Haywood had been dismissed, “effective immediately,” and the school was reopening its search.

“To be clear, the university’s decision is not tied to any expectation with respect to the terms on which the legal proceeding now pending in Indiana might ultimately be concluded,” Nordenberg said in the statement. “Instead, it reflects a strong belief that moving forward with Mr. Haywood as our head coach is not possible under the existing circumstances.”

Pitt moved swiftly to oust Haywood following an arrest that sullied a university that is proud of its Big Ten-like academics. It also raised questions why Haywood — who had only two seasons as a mid-major head coach, including a one-win season — was chosen Dec. 16 following a brief search.

Another notch in the battle against the overwhelmingly whiteness of college head coaching has been taken away.

Every year Lapchick – without fail – delineates the twin crisises of poor Black graudation rates and equally pathetic promotion rates of Black assistant coaches to the head coaching position. SBPDL has friends in the collegiate coaching field and it is common knowledge that a competent Black assistant will be rushed up the ranks and  promoted quickly because of the intense desire by politically correct athletic departments bent on ending the crisis of Black head coaches.

One can only imagine every field and vocation with a crisis of Black employees operates under these promoting same guidelines, though many will utilize more unsavory and disingenuous manners to bring closure to this never-ending crisis.

That’s called affirmative action, the biggest slap in the face to Black people everywhere since Michael Jackson decided his skin tone needed a revitalization (the NFL has The Rooney Rule, which is a slap in the face to everyone involved).

The lack of Black people in certain vocations is a crisis because it points to an actual crisis endemic within the Black community that few in BRA wish to acknowledge exists. Any company or industry practicing racism in hiring practices will be sued for millions and all fields of employment wish to steer clear of minority litigation.

More Black men will become coaches at the major college level, but we at SBPDL find it sad that Mr. Haywood has become nothing more than a statistic, a fate that awaits so many other Black males in America.



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