Youth Revolt in the Heartland: More than 100 Black people riot at Milwaukee Mall

“Youth” riot… Black youth riot

Mall envy. Dress codes. Curfews. Flash mobs terrorizing Philadelphia, Kansas City and other major cities.

Can you guess what racial group suffers from the symptoms of mall envy? How about the group that dress codes and curfews target most frequent? Perhaps you could take a stab at which group participated in flash mobs in many major American cities in 2010, based on the successful application of the answers procured from above.
Hint: the same group that decided vintage Air Jordan’s were worth rioting about in both Christmas of 2009 and 2010.
Though recognizing behavioral patterns frequently attributable to a certain demographic that develop from noticing events and crime rates at disparate locations across the country is immensely frowned upon in Black Run America (BRA), it is becoming increasingly noticeable that one particular racial group (we’ll call them “youths” as they do in France) have a propensity for displaying an inability of self-control.
Take for instance the actions of more than 100 “youth” in Milwaukee at the Mayfair Mall (nestled in a city of roughly 45,000 with a population that is just around two percent Black) that was forced to close due to disturbances by these precious “youth” that seem to be germane to one racial group that few dare name:

Police closed Mayfair Mall a half hour early Sunday evening after reports of gunfire somewhere near the mall.  The gunfire reports have not been verified.
The disturbance started when several teenagers started looting inside Boston Store, witnesses said.
A picture posted on shows several clothing racks strewn across the floor.
Two hours after the mall closed, there were still crowds of teens in the area.
“Just trying to have fun,” a teenage boy told TODAY’S TMJ4 reporter Lauren Leamanczyk. Witnesses said teenagers continued causing problems after leaving Mayfair.

“They were at the bus stop and then they were running across the street toward BW’3’s,” one woman recounted. “And then at that time, they were jumping on cars and then almost playing like ditch it in the middle of the street with the cars.”
Wauwatosa police said they do not have anyone custody and that Chief Barry Weber would release more information Monday.
The newspaper in Buffalo was attacked by the parents and leaders of the “youth” community after the unflattering articles were published that brought to light the penchant for criminality that these “youth” seem incapable of straying from wherever they might reside.
Any media that dare point out who these “youth” are will be denounced vigorously by the community that spawned these “youth” and their Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) enablers.
Another story on this “youth” riot can be found here:

“A crowd of like 50 to 60 kids just came barreling through the upstairs door at Boston Store, knocking down everything they could touch. They went running down the stairs. All that we heard was glass breaking. There was security yelling to every manager to lockdown the doors, lockdown the mall, lockdown the store,” the customer said.
That customer sent a few photos to 12 News that show mannequins and items knocked down inside Boston Store.
An employee at a different retailer inside the mall told 12 News that mall security was able to get shoppers out of the building within about 10 minutes, as retailers began to shut their storefront gates.
“With all the noise and bustle it definitely seemed like something was wrong. It felt like people were starting to panic. My employee said she heard glass breaking and so it did seem like it was getting out of control,” the employee said.
Mayfair Mall management released a statement late Sunday night:
“What occurred this afternoon appears to be a group of youth intent on disrupting the shopping experience at Mayfair. The safety and security of our visitors are always our top priority. This behavior is isolated and we will not condone it. To assist police earlier in identifying and apprehending suspects, we made the decision to close the mall shortly before our regular closing time. We anticipate there will be consequences as a result of what happened today.

We are thankful for the support of our public safety team and the Wauwatosa Police Department. We are even more thankful there were no injuries as a result of the youth’s careless actions.”

There are reasons why people hold stereotypes about the certain community that produced these “youth” and it is because of these stereotypes that the phenomenon known as Breathing while Black (BwB) exists. The actions of these “youth” help shape an image of an entire community on the brink of collapse, endangering the upper-class of the “youth” community in the process.
We’ll say what so many people instinctively understand, but because of zeitgeist of the day refrain from doing: the “youth” are Black people and any denouncing by city leaders of these Black people will bring about righteous indignation from the “youth” community leaders and parents.
After all, they are all great kids stuck in a highly segregated city where racism is the real culprit behind the Black kid’s inability to conform to society’s standards.
One prediction: 2011 will be the year that all online newspapers begin censoring comments on their Web sites. The Internet is the last bastion of freedom in America and soon that will gone.
Any criticism of “youth” and their community is not tolerated.

Video can be found here.

Update: the mall had a parental guidance rule (part of the Parental Guidance Program) that Black people protested back in 2009.




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