Black people and Self-esteem

In the next five years, if trends continue unabated, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will be forced off of television. Highlighting movies from a bygone era, littered with faces whiter than the ones nominated for the 2011 Academy Awards, this channel operates in direct conflict with the new regime dominating us today – Black Run America (BRA).

Seeing films that pay tribute to a time before integration (what we call Pre-Obama America) is just too much to stomach for 21st century Americans – Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) and Black people alike – since they glorify a nation that treated Black people as second class citizens.

Every movie made that fails to showcase diversity in a positive light will be remade, more than likely starring Jaden and Willow Smith. The son and daughter of box-office star Will Smith, Jaden already remade The Karate Kid and Willow will star in a remake of the beloved play about an orphan named Annie.
No word yet on whether a white couple will portray the adoptees in the film or if it will be a white Hollywood actress in need of a cool, chic accessory.

Black kids need positive examples of Black people to emulate and movies might improve Black people’s self-esteem knowing that they could grow up to be stars too (though most Black kids grow up believing they can make a living in professional sports, something that many professional Black athletes fail to end up doing).

Watching movies that lionize a stifling world of rigid conformity and banal whiteness, Black people in America can no longer endure the sights of movies that run on TCM. As we learned in 1954 with a fictional Doll Study used to justify low self-esteem among Black children – which helped ensure the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Brown in that landmark case ending segregation – it vital that we do nothing to damage Black people’s self-worth.

Perpetuating images of a happy, prosperous America before integration – as TCM does – can no longer be allowed, for it might destroy Black people and their self-esteem. If poor test scores, high dropout rates, disproportionate crime rates, being incubators for sexual transmitted diseases, poor credit scores, a net-worth of $5 dollars for single Black mothers, a horrible track record for running major metropolitan cities and once prosperous counties, and white flight occurring once a few Black families move into the neighborhood doesn’t impact Black self-esteem negatively, nothing will.

Many have argued that seeing positive examples of Black people in academic settings will improve Black children’s test scores in science, math and English/ reading comprehension, areas that need drastic improvement if the vocational goals for Blacks are to exceed being a barber.

It was stated the Mein Obama would have a positive influence on Black people and radically improve the scholastic achievements of Black students. The election of a half-white dude to the Oval Office has proven to offer no quantifiable improvements in Black student’s performance, though the rate that Black students are disciplined in schools has risen dramatically.

We’ve already said it before: Black people love being Black. They see nothing wrong with how they act, what they wear and how the world views them. In fact they are shocked when private businesses enact dress codes or deny them entry, cities enact curfews and society demands obedience to laws that seem to prey upon Black people only.

Every racial group in America – even DWLs – realize that housing prices plummet when Black people move near; that school districts measure of effectiveness rise and fall with the amount of Black enrollment; and that malls and businesses shutter once they go Black (they never come back).
Every group, that is, save Black people:

In 2002, Jennifer Crocker and Jean Twenge conducted a “meta-analysis of studies of self-esteem.” They intended to discover which American ethnic group would score the highest on a self-esteem test. They also wanted to identify how each group’s self-esteem ranked in comparison to how positively society regarded that group. The researchers proceeded by making 712 self-esteem comparisons among five ethnic groups: Native Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, African Americans and European Americans.

The outcomes surprised Crocker and Twenge. They learned that African Americans scored the highest in the self-esteem category, but ranked last in the area of Society’s Positive Regard for the group. They concluded that African Americans consistently make positive statements about themselves even though society does not view them positively. European Americans were second, Latinos third, Native Americans fourth, and Asian Americans were last. Asian Americans’ ranking surprised the researchers because, outside of European Americans, the other groups hold them in high regard.

This is a Black world now, despite continued Black failures in high school, college, law bar exams and a complete reliance on the government for jobs and entitlements. It’s becoming obvious that this world can’t last forever, but one would never gather this from observing studies that discuss rates of self-esteem among Black people.

The belief that movies should reflect greater diversity and that a re-writing of actual history to conform to a pleasant Afrocentricism worldview is necessary to improve Black people’s self-esteem and ultimately destroy the racial gap in achievement belies the facts:

Indeed, black students enrolled in Afrocentric educational programs receive a full-course diet in self-esteem enhancement, all of it positioned on the shaky theoretical ground that injecting racial pride into black children will help them overcome obstacles to academic success.

But again, the value of self-esteem for black children is highly questionable, even if it does not come packaged in Afrocentrism.

Self-esteem theory made its first dramatic impact upon American schools in 1954, when the Supreme Court accepted that school segregation damaged the self-esteem of African-American children in its Brown v. Board of Education ruling. Low self-esteem, the Court said, “affects the motivation of a child to learn, and has a tendency to retard children’s educational and mental development.” According to Barbara Lerner, this proposition makes three questionable assumptions about blacks: (1) Low self-esteem is the major cause of low academic achievement; (2) Blacks have a lower self-esteem than whites; and (3) Changing white attitudes toward blacks will raise black self-esteem. Taken together, these faulty notions provide the reasoning behind the current repudiation of high standards and expectations in our public schools.

In reality, black children at the same grade level and in the same school system as white children display a higher sense of self-esteem. African Americans usually report “slightly higher levels of agreement with statements about taking a positive attitude toward oneself, judging oneself to be a person ‘of worth,’ and being generally satisfied with oneself.”

Studies also show that, like whites, enhancement of global self-concept is not a potent intervention for academic improvement for African-American adolescents.22 Stanley Rothman and his colleagues at Smith College’s Center for the Study of Social and Political Change found that while the self-esteem levels of blacks are now at least as high as those of whites, the average academic attainment among African-American students is still below that of whites. They conclude that the evidence “appears to show quite conclusively that the low self-esteem hypothesis is neither a necessary nor sufficient explanation of African-American achievement levels.”

Black people see nothing wrong with Antoine Dodson, YouTube videos that display fights in public places and in fact glorify them at such places as World Star Hip Hop, a vast compendium glorifying Black achievement.

Atlantic monthly reported that in 30 years, all Black women will be considered morbidly obese. One wonders if the extra layers of skin will have any impact on their psychological well being, since Black women have some of the highest of self-esteem in the world:

African-American women will say positive things about themselves that Caucasian women are not comfortable with saying about themselves (Dent 1).

Rushton found that African-American women have equal or higher self-esteem levels then Caucasians or Latinos (Rushton 9). Gray-Little found that not only African-American adult women have higher self-esteem than Caucasian women but the same is true in children and adolescents (Gray-Little 17). Abba supports the idea that African-American’s hold higher self-esteem standings throughout life (Abbas 2). Differences in self-esteem between African-American women and Caucasian’s are less during childhood years and grow to adulthood (Twenge 1).

One study (found here) states that a conclusive link to why Black people have higher self-esteem cannot be determined. Indeed scientists studying the high rates of Black self-esteem have been befuddled in attempts at ascertaining why such rates exist, when empirical evidence for this belief is obviously non-existent.

The United States of America has been forced to lower standards in every profession (militarily, law, medical, academia, police, firefighters) at the private and public level to accommodate Black people’s inability to perform at the same level of whites, yet they maintain a higher level of self-esteem then Asians who outperform even white people.

Entire counties outside of major metropolitan areas that were once prosperous and white have been ceded to Black people and new counties further from these cities have become havens, enclaves for whites (and Asians) who desire a high standard of living.

DWLs price Black people out of living in their cities, yet utilize their relationship as the guardians of Blacks to position themselves as morally superior to untouchable whites.

Through it all, Black people maintain the highest rates of self-esteem while also maintaining the highest rates of unemployment, incarceration and contributing to the continued decline in educational standards despite the highest rates of educational spending in the world.

White kids and Asians don’t participate in Waiting for Superman, a task left to the Crusading White Pedagogues and their Black students.

All of the classic movies that are on TCM will one day be remade, with Black faces thankfully subbing for the smiling, ethereal white faces. Like the Soviet Union who once airbrushed pictures of people who had fallen out of favor with the Communist party, Black Run America will begin airbrushing out of United States history all memories of Pre-Obama America.

Black test scores won’t improve. Black-run cities, counties, schools and local governments will continue to crumble and when Black people flee what they have wrought and enter white enclaves, white people will move away, perpetuating this absurd tale.

And through it all Blacks will still have the highest rates of self-esteem…



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