Errant snowballs, Chicken and Waffles for MLK Day and Navy Standards in Decline: SBPDL Re-dux

Didn’t we warn people about acknowledging soul food and Black people’s love for it?

This Web site started as a joke, a late-night idea conceived by a number of friends engaged in a conversation on forbidden topics. It’s evolved into something else entirely chronicling a nation in swift, virtually free-fall decline.

Three past entries are in the news again, necessitating a sequel of sorts. They include errant snowballs in Washington D.C.; Naval Academy Standards; and acknowledging Black people’s love of soul food.

Just like the soul food meal at NBC headquarters last February for Black History Month, the honoring of Black people through a meal of chicken and waffles seemed a good idea at the University of California-Irvine. However this meal broke one of the primary rules of Black Run America (never publicly acknowledge Black stereotypes) though the popular TV show Man vs. Food has showcased a popular Atlanta restaurant serving the exact items.

The offending meal will regrettably cause many heads to roll:

Students at the University of California-Irvine were irked when an on-campus dining facility served fried chicken and waffles in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, reports the Daily Pilot

The dinner came on the first night of the campus’s 28th annual Martin Luther King Jr. symposium.
Although university representative Cathy Lawhon acknowledged that the decision to link the foods with MLK’s name was insensitive, she said that the chef in question would not face disciplinary action from the university.

Lawhon said the Jan. 17 dinner was “put together at the last minute,” according to the Los Angeles Times.
Regardless of intent, some students were offended by the nod to the culinary stereotype. “It’s just another in a long line of small events on our campus that aren’t meant to be taken in a certain way, but are at least questionable in their cultural legitimacy,” Black Student Union director of communications John Murillo III told the Times.

The Times reports that dining service providers Aramark said they will offer cultural sensitivity training for chefs and managers in light of the event.

No word on if Flava Flav’s new chicken restaurant in Iowa will cause patron’s to engage in a random Beat Whitey riot.

Cafeteria managers, restaurant owners and any working in the food service industry be forewarned: do not promote stereotypical Black food dishes near any holiday that celebrates a Black figure or Black history month. It will be seen as painting Black people in a negative light, which can never occur in Black Run America.

It should be noted that out of 26,000 students, Cal-Irvine has roughly 550 Black students (or two percent of the undergraduate enrollment).

If snow and cold weather are among Black people’s worst nightmare, errant snowballs represent weaponized projectiles of frosty doom for the person who dares throw the missile. Just ask this Washington D.C. citizen who was hit with an errant snowball:

Tossing a snowball almost cost a man his life in Lake Ridge.

Tyree Merle Alexander, 40, was arrested early Thursday morning after he sliced another man’s neck with a box cutter, Prince William County police said.

Alexander was shoveling snow around 4 a.m. Thursday on the 3800 block of Core Place in Lake Ridge. Authorities said Alexander was hit by a snowball thrown by a 23-year-old Woodbridge man. An argument ensued between the two, ending when Alexander produced a blade and cut his victim, police said.

Occupants of a nearby house came outside and began fighting with Alexander. The fracas was broken up when police arrived and took Alexander in to custody.

The victim was airlifted to a nearby hospital with life threatening injuries, but is expected to survive.

Unlike the Washington D.C Black detective who brought a gun to a snowball fight, this guy brought a knife. Errant snowballs and Black people don’t mix.
The Naval Academy has been in the news of late, with a Black, high ranking Navy officer proclaiming diversity as the future of the maritime force. The only way to achieve this glorious vision is to lower Naval Academy (and Coast Guard Academy) standards, with the previous requirements for admittance a precarious task for Black students.

Bruce Fleming, a professor at the Academy, pointed out the absurdity of diluting the officer pool with the poisonous, toxic idea of diversity and created a minor controversy in 2009. Now, he’s back with a vengeance:

Fleming wrote a piece last year exposing the fact that the USNA had a “two-tiered” system of admission that was designed to bring more minorities into the academy. (Since access to the full article has expired, reporting on the article is available here.) And he began speaking to academy alumni about the lower standards.  

“We’ll do anything to get non-white students,” he said,  in order to appear more diverse and improve the football team.  According to Fleming, the admissions system is two-tiered because  minority candidates have lower test scores and grades than their counterparts. In short,  Fleming says that the Academy is rejecting better qualified white applicants to admit minority candidates with less impressive credentials.  The USNA has been very aggressive on the affirmative action front in recent years.  In 2009, Adm. Gary Roughead, the chief of naval operations, went so far as to say that  “diversity is the No. 1 priority” at the academy. (Gee, I guess training warriors and officer’s is now #2).

But Fleming, who has served on the academy’s admissions board,  goes even further.   While white applicants are required to secure a nomination by a member of congress or other federal official, minority candidates are sometimes given what he calls “a pro forma nomination to make it legit.”
But it gets even worse. As the Associated Press reports:

“Fleming told The Associated Press that midshipmen who struggle are given easier coursework or unlimited tutoring, breeding resentment among students who expected to get a first-rate education along with their military training. The environment is particularly toxic for talented black midshipmen, he said, because they are perceived by some classmates as less-qualified.
‘My students are disillusioned beyond belief,’ Fleming said. ‘They see people being coddled for political reasons or racial reasons or sports reasons.’

The result, he said, is a watered-down officer corps that weakens the military. Navy leaders haven’t fully articulated their reasoning for wanting more minority officers, he said.
‘What I hear is, what the enlisted people want is an officer who won’t get them killed,’ he said.”
The Navy apparently doesn’t care for Fleming’s honesty.  Even though he was recommended for a merit pay increase by his supervisors, it was denied by the Navy brass.  So Fleming filed a complaint.   While he cannot discuss the details, he says that he is very satisfied with the result.

We learned in the Fort Hood shooting that diversity can never be the casualty of any event that transpires in Black Run America, because an increasing of diversity is the primary goal of every institution in BRA. Regardless of the consequences, diversity is the primary goal, equating to a replacement of qualified individuals with unqualified Black people possessing a collectivist mentality.

The United States military (save Special Forces and Air Force pilots) is a testament to this philosophy. Who are we fooling; every institution in America is a testament to this philosophy whether government, academic or private sector.

BRA will collapse into itself clinging desperately to the prevailing ideology of egalitarianism, with every television channel broadcasting propitiations to a belief system that no one ever believed in the first place save those sociopathic enough to compete for positions of power.

There’s nothing to laugh at anymore. World Star Hip Hop (the best Black Web site) broadcasts the unvarnished, uncensored truth of the growing Black underclass and people commenting at the stories posted there that highlight atrocious behavior find humor in the visual proceedings they watch.
In short, you need to understand what we write here is not hate, but a delineation of Hate Facts.

And concealing Hate Facts from normal Americans is a task even the hardened gatekeeper and battle-tested censor is incapable of succeeding at today.



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