Are white people war criminals in BRA?: The situation in Charlotte and American Renaissance

It is a well-known fact that by 2050, the United States of America will have a majority-minority population. What this means is anyone’s guess, but based on current trends in credit allocation, mortgage defaults and access to low rates for car insurance, drop-out rates and with the abysmal record for majority Black cities and, the future isn’t going to be the one depicted in the cartoon The Jetsons.

The first casualty as we approach this glorious moment of white displacement will be free speech and the right to assembly. Already language resistant to the changes transpiring in America has been labeled as an over-utilization of “Hate Facts” as few voices are able to articulate what is coming without being tarred and feathered, publicly humiliated and ultimately shunned from polite society.  

Omar Thornton and the Tuscon shooting show us quite clearly what Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs), who have all the power in Black Run America (BRA), truly desire in the coming months, years and decades to come.

A devotion to antiquated documents written by Dead White Males still is a trademark of those who believe the United States operates under its original governing ideals. BRA has no need for any of the Bill of the Rights, the US Constitution being the most consistently ignored document (but eagerly cited by enthusiastic devotees to Pre-Obama America) governing our daily lives.

Two stories highlight what the future holds, whether you decide to accept it or not. One is from Clayton County in 2005. We have talked about it before, but must highlight it again:

On his first day at work, the new sheriff of Clayton County called 27 employees into his office on Monday, fired them and had snipers stand guard on the roof as they were escorted out the door.

A judge on Tuesday ordered him to rehire the employees.

The sheriff, Victor Hill, 39, defended the firings and said he had the right to shake up the department in whatever way he felt necessary.

Sheriff Hill also said it was necessary to fire the workers the way he did, including taking some deputies home in vans normally used to transport prisoners because the deputies were barred from using county cars.
Sheriff Hill was among a spate of black candidates elected last year in the county, which was once dominated by rural whites. The fired employees included four of the highest-ranking officers, all of them white. Sheriff Hill told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that their replacements would be black.

A once thriving county outside of Atlanta, reduced to losing its accreditation, bus system, posting some of the highest foreclosure and crime rates in the nation all because white people fled to safer, “better” school districts thereby leaving Black people in charge. 

 Once in charge, they fired the remaining white police officers and marched them out with snipers on the roof aiming their guns upon them like war criminals.

Would it be wise to label all white people in America now war criminals? Since Newsweek magazine published a story claiming white babies are racist for their natural predilections for members of their own race, DWL’s appear to waging a calculated war on nature, nurturing a sense of white guilt into all of these criminals.

Their crime? Being white, an unpardonable sin. 

Perhaps this is why no one dares discuss the gross disparities in rape by race. The UN wants declare rape a tool of war, but the rates of Black-on-white rape in America outnumber white-on-Black rape by, well, a lot:

In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black women were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.

What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.

A defeated people have no voice. The onus of guilt already weighs upon the shoulders of war criminals before they even stand trial. This is what transpires in BRA, with DWL’s silencing any opposition to the awesome changes in America by declaring that racism is obviously a mental illness and that any opposed the changes in the United States is undeniably a racist.

Perhaps this is why so many articles are being published discussing the lack of Black people in certain vocations? Will it one day become a crime if a certain percentage of Black people isn’t employed in a private or public sector job? It’s already that way in South Africa.

Remember the name Jared Taylor? He was – without a shred of credible evidence – thrown under the bus in the Tuscon shooting. Now the organization he heads is being denied the right to peacefully assembly, thanks to the actions of an elected Black official in Charlotte:

 When a white nationalist magazine announced a conference in Charlotte, anarchists and other groups vowed to protest or disrupt the gathering.

But behind the scenes the conference apparently met an unexpected obstacle: Charlotte City Council member Patrick Cannon.

On Wednesday, American Renaissance magazine said plans for its annual conference are now in limbo because the hotel where it was scheduled to take place canceled the reservation.
An e-mail Cannon sent to a constituent early this week suggested he was lobbying local hotels to refuse to book American Renaissance.

Cannon wrote that he had contacted hotels and that “they seem to be cooperating.”
“An attempt was made for accommodations at another hotel but based on what I ask to take place they were denied again,” the e-mail said.

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance editor, said Cannon’s e-mail violated the First Amendment.
“It’s unconscionable (that) public officials would try to interfere in private contractual affairs,” Taylor said. “We have never run into this before.”

In a brief interview Wednesday, Cannon said he sent the e-mail to “update a constituent on where things stood.”

“By no means would I be in the business of trying to violate someone’s rights,” Cannon said.

That this story isn’t a national scandal shows you not only BRA’s power, but the ability of DWL’s to control all news and the direction of any and all debates. 
What do people expect is going to happen in America? The TSA already conditions us to accept a mindset of guilt before innocence.  Daring to hold a conference in defense of the historical majority population of the United States is now forbidden, with elected officials dedicated to defending the Constitution actively seeking to stop said conference and peaceful assembly of individuals from transpiring. 
When white people fled Detroit, the city fell to ruin. When white people fled Prince George’s County, Birmingham, DeKalb County and… insert name of majority Black city here, that city or county saw a dramatic decline in standard of living for its citizens, a complete drop in quality of schools (despite an increase of spending per pupil) and overall quality of life. 
When white people fled Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans in 2005, what was left behind overwhelmed a city and required hired mercenaries to restore order. A day without white people… New Orleans during Katrina. 
Will we make it to 2050? With BRA failing before our eyes, increasing the vice around acceptable dialogue will become vital to holding the center together.
One thing should be crystal clear by now: white people are already considered war criminals by those running BRA. War criminals are marched around with snipers aiming high-powered rifles at their heads and completely denied any right to speak on their behalf, their guilt already presumed. 
You might not agree with American Renaissance, but freedom of speech and the freedom to assembly is increasingly under attack.
What will 2050 look like? Well, at least the Navy will be diverse.


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