Update on SBPDL: Year One – Capital Campaign

The original target date for releasing SBPDL: Year One passed. A new date is set: 2:21:11.

Help us make 2011 the best year ever at Stuff Black People Don’t Like

A version of the book we hope will be approved by the publisher is currently under review. If all goes well, the book will be available on Amazon.com and other outlets within in the next two weeks.

Two things:

1. A press release is being finalized that will be released early in the week to a number of media outlets. Consider sending the link to the release to friends; posting it on other Web sites, forums, message boards, news stories, etc. The best publicity comes via word-of-mouth. Help us out. Send a link to this Web site to a friend.

2. We’ve only done one capital campaign before, but need to go ahead and start another campaign. If you value Stuff Black People Don’t Like and would like to help this site continue its growth (plus offset the costs of marketing the book) please consider making a donation. You can go to either a secure link here (Paypal) or contact SBPDL here and we will supply you a PO Box number. We appreciate whatever you can give.

Any donation you can give will go to the worthy cause of educating the world on the Stuff Black People Don’t Like. SPBDL: Year One promises to be an interesting book, but the two projects that will follow within the next two months (both books) require a lot of editing that takes us away from other pursuits. Thus the need for a capital campaign.

Those people behind SBPDL have full-time jobs that require 50-60 hours a week and this Web site is a joyful avocation that is done in our spare time. Consider your donation an investment in helping bring SBPDL to the world.

Any donation over $50 will get you a copy of SBPDL: Year One signed by the author. Send an email confirming the address you wish the book sent to upon making the donation.

Thank you so much for reading Stuff Black People Don’t Like. We appreciate your loyal readership and hope you enjoy SBPDL: Year One. Thank you in advance for any donation you can give.



Stuff Black People Don't Like (formerly SBPDL.com) has moved to SBPDL.net!
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