Lazy? Who you calling Lazy? Black South Carolina Lawmaker calls Black people Lazy

Black South Carolina state senator calls Black people lazy

In the Brave New World of 21st century America, the dwindling white population will enter the battle for ethnic solidarity battle royal that Black people have been dominating for quite sometime. Hispanics are late-comers to this battle, but they will begin asserting themselves with increasingly tenacity in the coming years.

All of this could have been avoided with immigration reform. Even the Model Minority will unquestionable enter this struggle, which could lead to an inevitable second civil war.

Across the nation, individual states are debating enacting laws similar to what Arizona passed. South Carolina is holding a debate on illegal immigration and one Black lawmaker decided to let this beauty slip:

As an Arizona-style immigration bill moves forward, debate today is focusing on a Charleston senator’s comments about the unwillingness of Americans to do dirty work.

Sen. Robert Ford, D-Charleston argued against the bill by saying it would frighten away “Mexicans” when South Carolina needs Mexicans to perform manual labor.

Ford said neither blacks nor whites were willing to do the difficult jobs in South Carolina.
He said Mexicans would be needed to help build the Boeing plant in North Charleston.

“I know brothers — and I’m talking about black guys — they are not going to do the dirty work at Boeing, to do that hauling and all that building, the dirty work,” Ford said. “A brother is going to find a way to take a break.”

He later made a comment about “blue-eyed brothers” also not wanting to work hard.

“Ever since this country was built, we’ve always had someone else come in and do the work for us,” he said.

Black people are lazy? This coming from the lips of a Black lawmaker is sending shockwaves through not only South Carolina, but the entire Black community. Obesity rates aside, Black people aren’t lazy.

They just chose to not do work that Mexicans will gladly perform, such as building new subdivisions in far-away suburbs where white people retreat to so that they can send their kids to “better” schools. It’s a vicious cycle, but an incredibly funny one to watch. Funny in a tragic way.

White people flee Black-run major cities and Mexican day-laborers build the homes. Researchers at LSU found a link between Latino employment and Black urban violence (and societal decay), but few wish to confront the growing Hispanic lobby.

Not every Black person can be a barber, and the other vocations with the highest Black participation aren’t what we would consider intellectually stimulating.
Here are the jobs with the highest Latino percentage of employees:

1. Graders and sorters of agricultural products—58.0%

2. Drywall installers, ceiling tile installers, and tapers—56.6%

3. Cement masons, concrete finishers, and terrazzo workers—51.5%

4. Helpers, construction trades—48.6%

5. Roofers—47.7%

6. Miscellaneous agricultural workers—45.7%

7. Packaging and filling machine operators and tenders—45.1%

8. Carpet, floor, and tile installers and finishers—44.5%

9. Construction laborers—44.2%

10. Hand packers and packagers—43.7%

In 1964 America was 90 percent white and 10 percent Black. Now Latinos comprise the bulk of the new population growth in America and represent 18 percent of the United States population. Blacks have dropped to roughly 12 percent.

Will Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) ever decide to abandon their favorite object of affection (Black people) for an upgrade in ethnic value?

Regardless, is Sen. Robert Ford correct in calling Black people lazy?



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