A Tale of Two Groups Seeking Asylum: 28 Jamaican Homosexuals welcomed to America, while the Boers await their fate

You’d have to be blind to not see BRA’s power now

Religion and abortion are two topics that we don’t like to discuss here. But one topic we quickly will discuss is the recent decision by the United States government to grant asylum to 28 homosexual Jamaicans.  Do we even need to explicate what this means? The article simply states:

In an unprecedented victory, 28 homosexual Jamaicans, who were persecuted due to their sexual orientation, have gained political asylum in the United States. The success of their claims reflects the degree of persecution suffered by gays in Jamaica.

Since 2007, Great Britain, the former colonial power that introduced the island’s sodomy laws, has granted asylum to at least five Jamaicans on the grounds that their lives were in danger due to their sexual orientation.

The individuals were assisted by Immigration Equality, a network of pro bono attorneys which strives to secure asylum for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders.

“By offering them a safe haven, the United States is not only saving their lives, but benefiting from the talent, skills and service these asylees bring to our country,” a spokesperson from Immigration Equality said. “We are proud and honored to help them begin life anew here in their adopted homeland.”

The organization is reported to have 97 additional cases filed in 2010 and several filed previously that are awaiting review.

Renowned largely for its music, culture and reputation as one of the most favored Caribbean travel destinations, Jamaica is also infamous for its intolerance and unbridled violence against homosexuals. Homosexuality, known throughout the Caribbean as “buggering,” remains a criminal offense in Jamaica and is punishable by up to 10 years in jail.

How many people across the globe live in nations where homosexuality is outlawed, sodomy a crime? How many people will read this story and decide that applying for asylum to the United States is an opportunity at a better life?

How many Ugandans will apply for asylum? Though most wish to believe the United States is still an evil, fascist nation the opposite is true. A people who deserve true asylum are dying at a rate of two a week, with multiple thousands (farmers) killed since 1992 and an untold, incalculable and seemingly voiceless tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands raped and the victims of criminality.

The only problem is that these people are white, productive and have the odious stench of racism upon them. It is this repellent disease that seals their fate of international (malignant) neglect:

Since 1991, there have been 11,785 attacks and 1,804 murders, and the problem is getting worse, Andre Botha, the president of Agri SA warned.

Mr Botha told the South African parliament’s police committee: “We’re talking about two attacks per day, we’re talking about two farm murders per week, and it’s increasing. What is a very worrying aspect is the brutality in which the murders are conducted.”

It follows the recent killing of the far-Right leader Eugene Terreblanche, who was allegedly murdered by two farmworkers.

His death inflamed South Africa’s race tensions amid anger over a “shoot the Boer [farmer]” slogan sung by Julius Malema, the ANC Youth League leader.

Only Georgia – the country – sees the value in allowing these beleaguered white South Africans to emigrate from that wonderfully diverse land run by Black people and showcase their farming prowess within their borders. It is Georgia that will benefit from the Boers talent, skills and service these asylees will bring to their country. 

The Wikileaks showcased how insane a nation Black Run America (BRA) has become and each passing day more evidence is accumulated to pound home that depressingly obvious point.

A nation that welcomes people from a land – because of their sexual orientation and the persecution they incur in Jamaica – that has produced absolutely nothing beneficial to society, yet denies asylum or publicizing the plight of a people who built a nation from a vast wilderness of nothing has shown its true colors.

White South Africans are about as feckless – in the eyes of those in power in BRA – as the victims of Omar Thornton’s rage. For being a “racist” or for merely “being white” in the first place, they have been designated for the ash heap of history. The sins of the father…

Don’t think for a second that this philosophy doesn’t translate to American whites and, in due course, Europeans and Australians.

All members of any victim group, be it Black, gay, transgendered or mentally retarded (preferably a combination of all four) are worthy asylum seekers in the eyes of the United States government.

That racist trash festering in Mandela’s glorious rainbow South Africa, screaming about some unknown plight called “reverse-racism” or “reverse-discrimination” deserve the fate that awaits them. Any white person who dares bemoan their plight hasn’t attended a lecture on white privilege.

Why do stories like these two remind us at SBPDL of the lesson learned from the much maligned movie The Village? When you understand what BRA represents, there is no turning away or running into the woods to escape and hide.

No celebrity will ever come to the aid of the Boers, with many agreeing that the genocide committed against them is a worthy endeavor.

A tale of two asylum seekers, one accepted with open arms; the other universally spurned and impolitely ignored.

Being a Boer is an unpardonable sin that no amount of evidence for their genocide could ever induce a successful supplication for their salvation.

Like Somali refugees, it’s only a matter of time before these Jamaicans get placed on welfare. The welfare of Boers left to the wanton cruelty of an indifferent world, who quietly consent to the genocide transpiring there.

Those homosexual Ugandans will be here soon enough.



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