‘Black Privilege’ = Beating up Whites and no one caring

We have all heard of white privilege. This field of study was created by Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) in an attempt to explain continued white male dominance in Black Run America (BRA).

This Web site has documented Black-on-white attacks and we will continue to do so. After all, it’s only CNN that continues to harp on an event that took place 20-years-ago. We document events that transpire now.

The Black privilege in BRA is that any time Black people do anything wrong, the media will look the other way and pretend it never happened. Black people saying “it’s a Black world now” in Akron and beating a white family? Only a local story.

Same with Beat Whitey night at an Iowa fair.

And with:

And now this video below shows you what Black Privilege represents in BRA. Enjoy.

This video shows the true privilege of being white in BRA: all Black failure is due to lingering remnants of racism, so it must be beat out of whites. Or worse.



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