Black Privilege Defined: Excusing away Gang-Rape in Texas

You can’t judge by character either in Black Run America

Steve Sailer trenchantly analyzed The New York Times reportage of the gang rape of an 11-year-old Hispanic girl by 18 Black men ranging in ages from 16 to 28.:

As commenters have pointed out, the NYT’s sympathetic coverage of the Cleveland 18 is reminiscent of its sympathetic coverage of the Jena 6, the high school football stars with long records of violent behavior, who stomped an unconscious high school student. In contrast, the NYT’s intensive coverage of the Duke Lacrosse 25 who were falsely accused of rape, was unsympathetic in the extreme.

In other words, this is another Jena 6 story — a bunch of young black guys in a southern small town do something bad to somebody nonblack and then the national press turns it into a story about how these young fellows are, when you stop to think about it, the real victims.

Black privilege in BRA allows Black people to openly claim racial loyalty while simultaneously denying the same to whites. Black privilege allows Blacks to take pride in one Black person’s achievement and then spread that achievement over all Black people as fellow racial kinsmen.

When one Black person does acts horrifically — as, in the case, 18 different Black men gang raping an 11-year-old — laying claim to Black privilege means that the act reflects poorly only upon one person.  Black privilege can also extend to the absolution of a Black individual for a dastardly act when that act can be justified as being a reaction against institutional racism, the white power structure, or inherent white privilege.

The gang rape of an 11-year-old Hispanic girl by 18 Black men can be excused, rationalized, can be glossed over endlessly thanks to exercise of Black privilege. 

On the other hand, white privilege means that a white person doing something good is merely a reflection of individual achievement; but when a gang of whites does something reprehensible, it is a reflection of the entire white race and its obvious moral shortcomings. Do you need proof? Recall, then, the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax for just one example.

That interracial rape is overwhelmingly Black-on-white (and increasingly Black-on-Hispanic) and the ramifications of such data is never discussed, but the rare instances of white-on-Black rape becomes international fodder for the sexual depravity of white males everywhere.

The Black individual who achieves academic success and becomes a doctor, lawyer, dentist, inventor, scientist, etc.,  is proof that all Black people have the innate ability to be the next George Washington Carver or Super Soaker inventor, despite the increasing evidence that this isn’t the case.

This is the idea behind Black privilege, and it is the dogma of Disingenuous White Liberals, Crusading White Pedagogues, and Holier-Than-Than White Conservatives, not to be diverged from, doubted, or disputed. The greatest Black privilege of all is that an entire race is excused of any responsibility for high levels of rape, murder, indeed, any of the crimes commonly committed by Blacks that make many cities uninhabitable.

Black crime is excused away because of injustices committed by whites 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320 years ago against Black people, injustices which irremediably stain all whites living today. Or as Larry Auster wrote:

Ahh, but you’re forgetting Rep. Al Green’s point to Washington Times reporter Kerry Picket yesterday. The KKK doesn’t have to be committing terrorist crimes now, or even during our lifetimes, to warrant being investigated along with Muslim extremists. According to Green, KKK crimes committed in the distant past should have been the subject matter of the King hearings. Further, according to Green’s repeated insinuations, if Picket disagrees with that notion, then she is a defender of the KKK.

Every week another Black-on-white killing transpires in America, yet the media, government, and academia highlight only those by whites-on-Black (even if such terror attacks must be manufactured). FBI stats show that no attacks by so-called white hate groups have occurred within the last two years; in that same time a Black freedom fighter killed eight evil white bigots in Connecticut in an act for which the Media had great sympathy in their reports.

Black privilege in Black Run America (BRA) means that Black people find nothing at all wrong with excusing away the deplorable actions of 18 Black men who raped an 11-year-old girl.

And white privilege is that those actions are your fault.



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