Tulsa, New Orleans, the Haunting Specter of Black Crime and the Justice Department’s Response

Eric “my people” Holder blames Black crime rates on anyone but the Black criminals

Tulsa is home one of our favorite restaurants, The Chicken Hut. The food is so good there that a Black person bleeding out from a gunshot wound was stepped over by more than 100 Black people in a moment where an abstemious mindset went out the window courtesy of the mesmerizing aroma of fried chicken. Talk about the wisdom of crowds.

That a crime wave is hitting Tulsa and that this tsunami is largely Black in origin (the descendants of proprietors of Black Wall Street) should surprise no one familiar with crime reports in other major cities throughout the United States.

Police in Tulsa (and Philadelphia, New York, New Orleans, Washington DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Buffalo, Newark, St. Louis, Cleveland, Minneapolis and, virtually ever city that has a Black population) stop and question Black people — and increasingly Hispanics — at rates that dwarf the white population when their percentage of the overall city demographic is accounted:

Records show that Tulsa police have stopped and questioned minorities on city streets at higher rates than white people in recent years, but opinions are mixed as to the cause of the racial disparity.

The Tulsa World analyzed two types of computerized police data from 2007, 2008 and 2009 and found that more than half of those stopped and questioned were not white.

Of more than 15,000 “pedestrian checks,” 51 percent involved a nonwhite civilian, the analysis shows.

The racial disparity is greater for so-called field interviews.

Of the more than 14,000 field interviews conducted by Tulsa police during the three-year period, at least 57 percent involved a minority, an analysis of the data shows.

Blacks were the subject of 45 percent of pedestrian stops and 50 percent of all field interviews conducted by police during the three years analyzed. U.S. Census figures show blacks make up about 15 percent of the Tulsa population, while whites constitute 70 percent.

Tulsa police, when presented with the World’s findings, said they were unsure why racial disparities existed among those individuals questioned by police.

“We can only make the assumption right now that with the public outcry with the recent violence, especially the shootings and gang violence, we’ve targeted (patrols) in that area where it’s occurring,” said police spokesman Capt. Jonathan Brooks.

This is why the white criminal who wore a convincing mask of a Black male was able to get away with so many bank robberies. Well, that, and no one was snitching on him.

Though it might upset many to know, Black people do commit a disproportionate amount of crime in the United States (thus the reason for mall envy, curfews, dress codes, and “no loitering” signs). Those who enforce the law — outside of Seattle — stop Black people because they fit the description of suspects in crimes that have yet to be solved.

Like this one in Tulsa:

Two robbers hit three pizza restaurants Sunday night, pointing a handgun at employees and forcing them to hand over cash from registers and safes, police said.

Tulsa Police Sgt. Dave Walker said the men robbed Domino’s Pizza at 2604 S. Harvard Ave. about 9:15 p.m., Papa John’s at 5111 S. Harvard Ave. about 10:15 p.m. and Pizza Hut at 7121 S. Memorial Dr. about 10:45 p.m.

In all three of the armed robberies, the robbers entered the store and “politely” forced an employee to open a register and a safe, Walker said.

At Papa John’s, police said a man came in the back door, robbed the restaurant and left with money, but then another robber came in the front and also demanded money.

Walker said the employee told the man he can’t rob them because they were just robbed. The two suspects were described as black males, about 5 feet 9 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall.

One weighed about 180 pounds, and the other weighed about 200 pounds, Walker said. The men changed clothes between robberies, but one wore a tan jacket and the other had a gray hooded sweatshirt with a skull printed on the front, he said.

As Steve Sailer wrote, the United States Justice Department — under Eric “my people” Holder — have criticized New Orleans police officers for failing to shoot enough white people:

“NOPD’s canines and their handlers were so poorly trained that handlers were not able to adequately control their canines, substantially increasing the risk that canines would bite individuals, even after those individuals were complying or trying to comply with officers’ orders,” the report stated.

The report said there were many questionable officer-involved shootings, often involving gunfire at moving vehicles in violation of department policy.

And the report raised questions of racial bias.

“NOPD use of force data also shows a troubling racial disparity that warrants a searching inquiry into whether racial bias influenced the use of force at NOPD. Of the 27 instances between January 2009 and May 2010 in which NOPD officers intentionally discharged their firearms at people, all 27 of the subjects of this deadly force were African-American,” the report stated.

A review of “resisting arrest” reports that documented use of force over the same period found that blacks were the subjects of use of force 81 out of 96 times.

Under Mein Obama, the Justice Department is hell-bent on blaming such inopportune facts on anything that could be viewed as sparking an opportunity for showing how corrupt and evil police officers are toward Black people. That Black people in New Orleans commit crime that warrants police officers firing their weapons and that white people fail to engage in criminal activities that require the same action is somehow the fault of police.

Actually it is the failing of Black people to cooperate with the police officer.

88 percent of them have been discriminated against at work when such discrimination would be grounds for million dollar lawsuits against their employer?

Black Run America (BRA) allows Black people to believe that any slight against them — real or imagined — is but the first step toward the reinstatement of  Jim Crow. That an employer would dare criticize a Black employees performance can be explained only with racism, since Black people are incapable of such activities that warrant criticism.

Those Disingenuous White Liberals in the media  excuse away Black crime — even in the case of a gang rape — and only help fan the flames of an inevitable conflagration that will eventually turn violent.

Read the main Black Web sites to see the kind of essays and rhetoric that receive major viewership at theroot.com, thegrio.com, newsone.com, and blackvoices.com.

The Justice Department has already declared war on the Pre-Obama America standards that governed  who can be a police officer. With Black people unable to pass a test to be a cop in Dayton, Holder’s Justice Department demanded a lowering of standards so that more Blacks could pass.

Black people commit crime. In Tulsa, they do so at rates that leave the Black population desensitized to seemingly senseless killings and muggings, that a dying body impeding the procurement of chicken is really no big deal.

Nor is robbing the same pizza place twice.

Black people commit a disproportionate amount of crime. To those capable of understanding what hate facts reveal, this is a lamentable reality of life in Black Run America. To those in the (in)Justice Department, this is a cause of major concern that warrants decisive action to counter. 

What is the point of the continued release of studies that absurdly try and paint majority Black cities police departments as racist for engaging Black criminality and failing to find enough white criminals worthy of shooting?

Inflaming an already enraged Black population with more bellicosity? 

It’s time to understand that white people are already war criminals in Black Run America.  Eric “my people” Holder and his Justice Department have decided to put out studies that try and drum up hatred toward a supposed oppressor (white people) who have already been dispossessed of all real power.



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