Falsification of Hope: USA Today’s Damaging Expose of Black Test Score Improvements in Atlanta and D.C.

Recall that one Atlanta metro county — Clayton County — already lost its accreditation. Another county, DeKalb County, is on the verge of losing its accreditation. And, the Atlanta Public School system is on probation and will have its accreditation reviewed at a hearing later this year.

He was right.

DeKalb and Clayton are school systems that have more than 75 percent Black enrollment, are completely run by Black administrators and taught by primarily Black instructors. Same with APS.

Clayton County was the first school system in more than 40 years to lose its accreditation in the entire United States of America.

We wrote about this story on March 4, and now the “nations newspaper” sort of follows suit. 

Not even the fine folks at USA Today dared mention the racial implications of why Atlanta Public Schools are in such a crisis mode. On the cover of today’s USA Today, two hilarious stories were published detailing the massive cheating in Atlanta school’s and questions that have been raised over dramatic improvements in Washington D.C. classrooms.

The dramatic improvements in Black test scores triggered red flags and spurred investigations of the school systems. Law enforcement is involved in both cases and one of the absolutely starkest examples of obvious Human Biodiversity (HBD) is transpiring before the eyes of the nation: the only way to close the racial gap in learning is to cheat, manufacturing improvements via falsification of results that both nature and nurture provide.

Strangely these gains triggered questions immediately over the validity of the improvements, showing that even those who grade the tests understand that no amount of Waiting for Superman, guidance from Crusading White Pedagogues or infusion of trillions of dollars into the education industry can close a racial gap in achievement that only a lowering of standards can alleviate.

Our question is to those who have done so much in the advancement of HBD via writing excellent articles, books, blogs, producing videos, etc., and it is simply this: What would the application of HBD look like in a country that, on virtually every level of human interaction (church, academic, business, entertainment) the integration of Black Run America (BRA) and Black Privilege has occurred? Subservience to the concept of improving Black Failure (inevitably caused by persistent white racism) is primary condition of being a good, morally upstanding 21st century American citizen, but Black Failure is appearing more and more to be a condition that no amount of nurture can alleviate.

What’s the end game? What’s the vision of a United States where — and it is happening — the idea of BRA and Black Privilege is no longer economically viable? What happens then?

We ask this question because these twin articles published by USA Today showcase that all the wishful thinking of Disingenuous White Liberals is coming to a crashing, highly public end.

The United States of America has immolated itself as a nation in the pursuit of bettering its Black population, an endeavor that no amount of money, set-asides, entitlements, policies and crocodile tears from those suffering from debilitating levels of white guilt can ameliorate. 

In the process, this attempt undid America.

Black Run America is collapsing before our eyes and no amount of intervention can stave off its demise.

USA Today failed to mention the racial implications of the falsification of test results, but we did back on March 4th.

So our question is this: What comes next? Because like it or not, the answer is coming.



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