The Scholarship Contest is Real

We’ve been busy this weekend enjoying the sun at a fantastic lake. A few people noticed that the scholarship contest was announced on April Fools’ Day and deduced that it was a joke.

It is not. More details on the Scholarship Contest will be forthcoming this week (along with a flurry of new posts).

In the midst of editing books on Hollywood and Black Fictional Heroes, and The Opiate of America (sports), we realized it was time to do something outside the box.

The “White Privilege” Scholarship is that outside the box manuever. You see, race isn’t the social construct; equality is.

Open to all students attending college (law school, medical school, pharmacy school, etc.), the “White Privilege” scholarship contest is the real deal. All donations SBPDL receives from this point out – and between June 1, 2011 – will go toward this contest. We hope to have the amount offered be far more than $1,000.

Just remember, you must submit to a DNA test if your essay is chosen as a winner. Only those with 90 percent or more Western European ancestry will be eligible win. Race is a social construct, right? Nope.

It’s real. It’s damn real.

Enjoy your Sunday.



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