The "White Privilege" Scholarship Announcement Comes Monday

What does “White Privilege” mean in a nation governed by BRA?

Monday will see the official announcement of the Stuff Black People Don’t Like “White Privilege” Scholarship. We need a weekend to recharge our batteries, enjoy some fresh air, and spend some quality time at the gym.

For those college students pursuing undergraduate, masters-level or doctoral work, know that your name will not be unveiled: confidentiality of all applicants in the scholarship contest will be strictly enforced.

The contest is open to high school seniors and all college students of any racial group. Those essays selected as finalists must submit to a DNA test and the winning essayist must be 90 percent or more of European ancestry. There will be prizes for essays submitted by individuals who won’t qualify for the main prize.

The only requirement is that you send your essay from your .edu E-mail address. All of the rules will be delineated on Monday. Spend some time learning about Black Run America (BRA) and consider how the concept of “White Privilege” works in our society where the slightest criticism of Black culture lands you in hot water. We have an Odd Future indeed.

Chances are, we’ll have a post or two up tomorrow. We want to gradually re-introduce the # posts and trim down the length of each entry. There’s just so much to write about: each day three or four interesting stories go un-discussed on not just SBPDL, but the entire blogosphere.

If you haven’t already picked up SBPDL Year One: 365 Days in Black Run America, take this opportunity to buy a copy over at Amazon.

As stated in a previous post, we have a target date set for the release of book number two (and a new title): May 4, 2011. It’s called Hollywood in Blackface: Black Fictional Images in Film from Robin Hood to Thor. This book will include upwards to 40 percent new material and hit the exact same week Thor is introduced to theaters.

After that a book on sports and Black Run America (BRA) comes out – again with a lot of new material – and ultimately SBPDL Year Two. We constantly try to evolve here at Stuff Black People Don’t Like and feel that year two material reflects that dedication to change and to the continued production of thought-provoking content.

The site continues to grow. Traffic has never been greater. We want to thank everyone who contributes to the discussions by posting comments, sending us E-mails with interesting stories, and continuing to visit SBPDL.

 We did the scholarship contest as an April Fools’ Day Joke, but the response was tremendous, overwhelming, and encouraging. So on Monday, the official announcement will be made. Stay tuned.

A press release will be sent out to a few trusted Web sites. $1000 of our money is going into the contest, and any contribution SBPDL receives between now and June 1, 2011 will augment that amount. In fact, many of you already have made contributions. Thank you.

This Web site started as a joke. That was almost two years ago. At some point, the joking stopped.

Help us spread the word on the SBPDL “White Privilege” Essay Contest. We’ll be putting together a PDF announcement for the contest you can download and put on your campus, E-mail to faculty who peddle “white privilege” ideas in class, or disseminate how you wish. If you have a Web site, consider helping us spread the news on Monday.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend.

— Paul Kersey



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