Regression to the Mean? New Denny’s Brawl Participants finally Integrate

Remember this Halloween Denny’s Brawl from Oakland, involving costumed Black participants? Well, a new brawl at an unidentified Denny’s has hit the Internet. Finally, integration has come to crazy YouTube videos that showcase prole behavior for the masses to see. Notice the white girl throwing chairs, forks, salt shakers, and anything she can grab.

Notice that she appears to be the only white girl in the group of primarily Black people enjoying a midnight meal at Denny’s.

Regression to the mean, much?

Remember: nothing good ever happens when you are out after midnight.

The first video is the recent integrated (well, one white girl) brawl at Denny’s. The second video is the 2010 Halloween Black brawl in Oakland… at Denny’s.



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