White House creates "Winning the Future" Web Site Dedicated to Showing How Policies Impact only the Black Community

Mein Obama received 96 percent of the Black vote in the 2008 Presidential Election. For most of his first term, he has enjoyed a 95 percent or greater Black approval rating.

Though whites and even Hispanics are beginning to abandon him in shocking numbers, Mein Obama still enjoys an 85 percent approval rating among Black people:

According to a new Gallup Poll, support for President Barack Obama has slipped substantially in two groups that no Democrat can afford to lose. Obama is down 7 percent to an 85 percent approval rate for African Americans.

Obama is also down to a 54 percent approval rating among Hispanics.

When Obama was a candidate in 2008, part of the magic of his candidacy was the prospect of his becoming the first African American president. No more was that magic felt than among African Americans, who ordinarily vote Democrat in overwhelming numbers, and voted for Obama in 2008 in historically overwhelming numbers.

Thirteen percent of the population overall, Black people represent maybe 12 percent of those eligible to vote in America (not to mention how many Black criminals have lost the right to vote). With whites fleeing Obama and Blacks moving back to the South in record numbers, many of the states he won in 2008 (North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania) suddenly look winnable for the other guys who pander just as pathetically to the Black vote.

Republicans have never done what Mein Obama has just done though and actually create a Web site that details how his policies are helping advance only one community – the Black community:

The White House has launched a new website –Winning the Future: President Obama and the African American Community.

The website aims to help inform the African American population of how the Obama Administration’s policies and work have benefited the African American community, from minority-owned businesses having more access to capital, to the benefits of health reform.

With the 2012 campaign season having already launched, President Obama seems to be taking no risks with the community that came out strong to the polls for him.

Check out the site for yourself here. You can read Fact Sheets on what Mein Obama hopes to do for Black community only

We call it Black Run America (BRA) for a reason: our government is not run by Black people, but it is run for the betterment and benefit of Black people above everyone else.

That’s why Detroit might soon get a bailout from Washington D.C., what Councilwoman Joann Watson calls a “Marshall Plan” for that miserable city. “The Marshall Plan” was used to rebuild Europe after World War II, a devastating six-year struggle that decimated untold acres of lands, left cities razed from aerial bombardment and people displaced.

Detroit… well, it didn’t take a war between the worlds greatest powers to leave that city in ruins. It took 40 years of Black majority rule. Thomas Sowell would have you believe it was liberal policies (which work in European countries devoid of immigrants and asylum seekers), but the blame falls squarely on those who Obama targets in his Fact Sheet on “Winning the Future for Cities and Metropolitan Areas.”

Know how to save major cities? Gentrification. Of course, then the problem becomes winning the future for suburbs.

That the Obama Administration launches a Web site specifically targeting Black people and how his policies have impacted them (hasn’t Black unemployment become far worse since he’s been in office?) is a sign of desperation. Recent Black college graduates are finding it difficult locating a job in the private sector (older Black people firmly rooted in public sector jobs refuse to leave).

SBPDL predicts that in the next two weeks, Donald J. Trump will go on the offensive and point out this hypocrisy. He isn’t beholden to public sector jobs like so many other Republicans and isn’t a Disingenuous White Liberal trying to wear Republican clothes like Mitt Romney.

Who would have ever thought that Trump could be the person courageous and bold enough to challenge Black Run America (BRA)?



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