"Why do we overfund prisons and underfund education?" asks the NAACP: Why Indeed?

Why are some parts of major cities no-go areas and unsafe?

The NAACP has released a report attacking the misplaced priorities in America, namely the cutting of education funding and the increase in prison funding:

A new report from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is critical of America’s “misplaced priorities” in overemphasizing and overfunding the prison industrial complex while underfunding education.

According to NAACP President and CEO Benjamin T. Jealous, excessive spending on incarceration undermines educational opportunities and destabilizes Black communities nationwide.

“Today, there is no greater threat to civil rights accomplishments than the state of our country’s education system and its impact on young African American youth. Failing schools, college tuition hikes, and shrinking state education budgets are narrowing the promise of education for young people all across the country. Meanwhile, we continue to invest billions of dollars into our corrections system, sending our youth a clear message that we value incarceration over education,” said Mr. Jealous introducing the report.

Many cities across the U.S. are facing budgetary shortfalls, and as a result teachers are being laid off, schools closed, extra-curricular programming cut, and class size grows. An additionally troubling statistic is that in many major metropolitan areas with large Black populations such as Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Atlanta, high school dropout rates hover close to and surpass 50 percent in some cases.

We at SBPDL don’t have time, but it would be awesome if someone could create spreadsheet that shows how much the school systems in cities with the biggest Black populations (and Hispanic) spend on education.  Of course, we’d then juxtapose that with how much they spend on prisons, parole officers, etc.

Look, with the decline of the white population and its displacement through the Browning of America, one should expect education standards to only decline and, yes, prison populations to rise. How much should the United States spend on education? Should we replicate what Kansas City tried in the 1980s, only to see the (mis)allocation of billions of dollars return absolutely nothing on the investment but a confirmation that the racial gap can’t be closed?

We have to invest billions in our correctional facilities because the academic aptitude of Black (and Hispanic) students is far lower than that of white and Asians. The dedication to Black Run America (BRA) and Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) insistence on equality threatens the life of every person in America. Or English visitors to America (thanks Auster):

The family and friends of two British holidaymakers who were shot dead in a Florida backstreet have denied the pair were trying to buy drugs.

Residents in Sarasota had claimed James Cooper and James Kouzaris would only have visited the gang-infested Newton area to buy marijuana.

The two university friends, who were staying at Longboat Key 12 miles away, were killed after they were both shot several times in the back as they tried to run away.

The 16-year-old charged with murdering the two Britons was freed by a judge two weeks ago after he was arrested over an armed robbery.

Shawn Tyson, who allegedly shot Mr Cooper and Mr Kouzaris, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon following that incident.

However as it was his first offence he was released from custody while police investigated the case.

He will now be charged as an adult and, if convicted of first-degree murder of the two Britons, could face the death penalty.

Police investigators were last night trying to piece together how the two university friends were murdered in a gang-ridden neighbourhood in the city of Sarasota.

U.S. officers were said to be mystified that the two middle-class visitors were in the Newton district.

One theory, however, is that  they may have accepted the offer of a lift back to their upmarket resort 12 miles away, only to find themselves being set up for a robbery.
A blogger known as ‘Laklak’ wrote: ‘The Courts public housing project is a cesspit. There are drug dealers and hookers openly plying their trade at all hours.

‘Most likely they were looking for a bit of weed… I wouldn’t go into this area for any reason at all, even armed to the teeth.’ 

Police suspect they were driven from the bar area to Newtown because there was no sign of a hire car in the area, which last year accounted for 43 per cent of Sarasota’s armed robberies and 83 per cent of its murders.

At the peak of a recent crime wave, violence was so bad many residents stopped wearing jewellery in public for fear of being robbed.

Mr Cooper had a girlfriend in Florida, 31-year-old Gina Cross. The couple had kept in constant touch since meeting two years ago and spent Thursday night together.

‘I don’t know how they ended up where they were found,’ she said. ‘It’s a very bad neighbourhood – somewhere I would not even drive.

‘So why they were there is the big question on everyone’s mind.’

That article would go on to excuse the horrible Black area where this crime took place as the detritus of capitalism:

But there is another Florida, a world away from this travellers’ paradise. The peninsula state also has a far darker, seamier, more violent side, where only naive or criminal visitors dare to tread.

The dangers of this environment were graphically exposed by the fatal shooting of two Britons. What has so perplexed the Florida police about this double murder is that few tourists visit the deprived neighbourhood where they were killed, particularly because there are no nightclubs or restaurants.

Away from the all the luxury and glamour of the attractions and hotels, a gun-toting, drug-fuelled menace awaits where people live in abject deprivation on a scale unimaginable in Britain, with our generous welfare state and infrastructure of public services.

This desperate poverty and squalor has served as the breeding ground for serious, often lethal crime from young men who feel they have nothing to lose, in a society which has given them nothing. And it is precisely this sense of desperation which makes these neighbourhoods so dangerous for those outsiders unfortunate or foolish enough to enter them.

The United States has always been a land of extremes. The richest country in the world also contains some of the most shameful poverty in the West. The land of liberty also has the most draconian criminal justice regime of any developed country, reflected not only in the retention of the death penalty but also in the massive prison population.

And although a nation of immigrants which prides itself on being a melting pot, America is still riven by deep-seated ethnic divisions.  

The double murder of the two Britons is a case in point. They were, apparently, staying only 12 miles away from Sarasota in the attractive resort of Longboat Key, but the distance in safety and wealth was much greater. As I found, this disparity can occur even in a small area. Within one part of a Florida city, you could be walking down a street full of appealing shops and cafes.

Then suddenly, if you take a wrong turning, you find yourself on a bleak estate, filled with boarded-up properties and threatening graffiti.

Even in the most notorious areas of Latin America, such as inner-city Bogota in Colombia, you would struggle to find anything as bad. Similarly, you could be driving through the countryside and then come across a group of primitive huts, made of corrugated sheets or derelict caravans, resembling something that you might find in an African village. There would not even be running water, the inhabitants relying on a standpipe.

It is no surprise to find that Florida is therefore scarred by high rates of crime. In my experience, the state has fewer petty offences than urban Britain – binge drinking is much more rare, for instance. But the incidence of serious crime is much higher. It is telling that Britain has by far the largest prison population in Europe in proportion to its size, at a total of 85,000 inmates

Yet 100,000 prisoners are held in the jails of Florida, even though the state’s 15million population is only a quarter of Britain’s. Murder, drugs, rape, and firearm offences are all much more common in Florida. Tourists are an obvious target for gangsters and opportunistic criminals. One of the most sinister crime waves I had to deal with as a diplomat involved British hotel guests attacked in their rooms by gunmen.

Not only did the thugs steal cash and personal possessions such as jewellery and passports, but they also sometimes locked the husband in the bathroom while they raped the wife.

I will never forget one case where two British pensioners in their seventies were attacked as they walked into their hotel room. The husband refused to go into the bathroom when ordered at gunpoint. Instead, he leapt at his assailant and, in a life-or-death-struggle, managed to disarm him, though he suffered a severe blow which cracked his skull.

This story above is from a DWL individual from England who rose to prominence in his country because of his devotion to the ideals of Black Run America, which infect all of the Western nations. Blowing with the prevailing winds of power, these DWL (in not only America, but the entire Western world) have a fidelity to the concepts of Black Run America that they refuse to acknowledge why neighborhoods are bad.

He even states that a generous welfare system and public services means that Black crime in America is unimaginable in England. Well, Black crime is quite common in England, and America has just as many social services (think free public education, welfare, EMT, free lunches at school) that Black people abuse. Those living conditions of Black Floridians are more than likely provided through subsidized or Section 8 housing. 

What would their conditions be like without government assistance?

This area of Florida is bad because of its Black population. They are responsible for the majority of murders and crime. They are half-responsible for the deaths of these two goofy white people from Britain.

Every major city with a Black population has an area that people instinctively know to stay away from unless they want their property robbed or life put in jeopardy. It is a no-go area because of its Black population.

DWLs in America and in England are responsible for the other half. We aren’t all equal. We all won’t attain success in life (though if you tow the DWL party line, you’ll have a better chance of gaining prominence in BRA through preferential treatment and employment in corporate, academic and government jobs).

Some of us have a greater propensity for losing self-control. This correlates to the staggering rates of Black crime and the frequency of Black students who require extra-attention through disciplinary actions in school.

Reading Thug Report is depressing because the only reason high levels of Black crime are tolerated is because of the intense to devotion not only BRA, but DWL-ideology which guards Black Run America.

If you think about it, the NAACP report is superfluous (hell, when you have a country run with BRA as the guiding principles, the NAACP is unnecessary) because no amount of money would ever be enough to end the Waiting for Superman. The crime problem in America could be handled overnight if DWL-thinking was removed from the equation.

The death of these two British vacationers is on the hands of DWLs everywhere. Not just in America, but in England as well.

Once austerity measures hit, Black Run America is in for a rude awakening. The DWL- reaction in Wisconsin won’t be replicated in cities like Atlanta, Birmingham, Chicago or Washington D.C. We’ll be spending far more on prison infrastructure then we will on education. Far more.



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