365Black Behavior AGAIN at McDonald’s; Survivor Provides an Unforgettable Lesson

McDonald’s has become a warzone

We’ve been itching to start doing the old # posts again and have a long essay on the rap group Odd Future (who rap about rape) and Ashley Judd that has been gestating in our mind for about two weeks. Also, a highly combustible situation is brewing New York where the parents of a Black college football player, Danroy Henry Jr., who was killed for failing to cooperate with police, are suing.

 Just like in the Jena 6 case, all Black people will rally around Danroy’s family pouring more gasoline on a situation that is only one spark away from turning into a mighty conflagration.

But before we can move on and enjoy Easter weekend and finish Hollywood in Blackface, 365Black behavior popped up again at McDonald’s. Just a few days removed from the aborted attempt to hire 50,000 new employees nationwide, McDonald’s announced that inflation is about to hit their value meal, which helped drive up profits and the company’s stock price a few years ago.

Will these rising prices cause more violence? Yes.

Newsone.com reports this story:

A video has appeared on Worldstarhipop.com of four teenagers beating up another teenager to the point that she eventually suffered an alleged seizure in a McDonald’s.

The video shows the manager and employees of the McDonald’s trying to stop the fight, but the group of girls continued pounding on the teenager.

The girl began twitching on the floor a few minutes after the girls left the McDonald’s.

Not to be outdone, but another Black patron of McDonald’s had a 365Black moment:

It seems that McDonald’s is becoming the new favorite place to find crazy videos of people going insane.

In this video, a woman accuses a McDonald’s employee of throwing something at her. She then does the same thing and takes a few pylons and throws them behind the counter. She also took the registers and threw them on the floor.

The manager of the McDonald’s was heard telling the customer to please calm down, but she refused to.

If an intrepid graphic designer reading this wants to win a free copy of both SBPDL Year One and Hollywood in Blackface, create a quick logo using McDonald’s 365Black branding material; though it might be hokey, we at Stuff Black People Don’t Like think it’s time to boycott McDonald’s. Send it to SBPDL1@gmail.com

McDonald’s is not only unhealthy for the body, providing no nutritional value, but it provides a venue for behavior that can only be labeled as 365Black. Go to Chick-fil-A instead.

Not to be outdone, the show Survivor on CBS provided a moment of clarity for all to see. More on this later, but thanks to a loyal reader who sent this story in, one can see that any criticism of a Black person will be construed as immediately racial in tone.

The full episode of the racial moment on Survivor is available courtesy of Hulu.com (season 22, episode 10).  Watch it here. Also, a quick run down of the episode is here.

Funny, McDonald’s continues to provide moments of clarity as well.

The collapse of Black Run America (should it be Black-Run America?) is coming. To borrow McDonald’s marketing phraseology, “I’m loving it.”



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