A Week in Review at SBPDL

This has been a busy week at Stuff Black People Don’t Like. Yesterday was a record for both hits, page views, unique visitors and traffic,  with a number of reputable sites sending visitors here. Thank you.

So what did we learn this week?

Newsweek told us that unemployed, college-educated white males between the ages of 44 – 60 years-old are beached.

Jason Richwine of Heritage showed us that per pupil spending is greater for Black students then white students, thereby erasing claims by the NAACP that Black students don’t receive enough funding in their pursuit of an education that leads many to find solace in the overfunded penal system.

TheRoot.com went berserk that New York Times columnist Russ Douthat has pointed out the obvious; that an aging white population will rely on an increasingly non-white population that will be taxed in a bid to pay for their Social Security and benefits:

“Historically, the most successful welfare states (think Scandinavia) have depended on ethnic solidarity to sustain their tax-and-transfer programs. But the working-age America of the future will be far more diverse than the retired cohort it’s laboring to support. Asking a population that’s increasingly brown and beige to accept punishing tax rates while white seniors receive roughly $3 in Medicare benefits for every dollar they paid in (the projected ratio in the 2030s) [pdf] promises to polarize the country along racial as well as generational lines.”

The fact that the Browning of America isn’t a good thing when one considers credit history, home foreclosure rates and employment prospects for this young population is something the kind folks at theroot.com never consider. They must have degrees from an HBCU, which the New York Times pointed out were basically worthless.

Al Sharpton, at his National Action Network (NAN) conference – which receives major corporate sponsorship and a visit from Mein Obama himself – stated that construction sites that don’t employ Black people should be shut down and that only Black people should educate Black children. He might have said something about Black people only buying from Black businesses – what is called “buying black” –  but this is a risky proposition that has been tried before and failed.

Remember, And Then? is what you’ll always get.

We also learned McDonald’s and MARTA are, well, both 365Black.

Trust us, we want to write # posts. We want to talk about popular culture and sports, simple things that normal people talk about at bars and on patios of restaurants as they enjoy the outdoors, fine cuisine and fellowship of friends.

For the time being, we can’t. In less than two years time, this blog – which started as a joke – has morphed into something else. Understanding the Blue Ocean Strategy, we have created a brand and, in so doing, have produced one book and have another one on the verge of publication (two more books are planned for release this summer).

We encourage new readers to this Web site to explore the archives and educate yourself. The Mainstream Media (MSM) has been doing the thinking for you for far too long; the only freedom you have in Black Run America (BRA) is the freedom to think for yourself.

Unplug from Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, ESPN, Time and Newsweek. Put down that National Review and The Nation. The paradigm of white people being solely capable of racism or prejudice in BRA is dying quickly.

All you have to do is watch YouTube, Worldstarhiphop.com or spend a few minutes on this Web site to understand what Truth, Justice, and the American way means.

Thank you, readers, for making this week at Stuff Black People Don’t Like the most trafficked one on record. My thanks to Mencken for his continued efforts to help edit and make sure SBPDL is producing top-notch work and my thanks to readers who send in stories that can only make sense in a world governed by BRA. Thanks to those who posts links to our site on other Web pages. Don’t stop! Traffic is increasing because people come here and post links on Facebook, Twitter and other news pages.

Also, more than 10 people sent in graphic designs for our “Boycott 365Black” campaign.

We are not Libertarians here; McDonald’s is poison. In a sane world, such food wouldn’t be fed to dogs.

Regardless of your religious views, have a blessed Easter. Spend time with your family; call an old friend, and just enjoy life.

We’ll be back Monday.

YouTube won’t allow us to embed this video, but we think it convey’s something special.

Happy Easter.



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