McDonald’s 365Black Transvestite Attack in Baltimore Not the Original Transvestite Moment at McDonald’s

Boycott 365Black at McDonald’s

In all the fun over this past week’s racial transgendered beat down of a white girl dude by a group of enraged Black women at McDonald’s, we failed to mention a past moment of hilarity that included two of three elements already cited.

The racial transgendered (Disingenuous White Liberals in the news have changed the narrative to fit the agenda of a small minority, instead of a continually dispossessed shrinking majority) beat down in Baltimore was not the first occurrence of convergence where the strange combination of Black people, McDonald’s and Transvestites resulted in disaster.

From the annals of Stuff Black People Don’t Like, we present Memphis Transvestites. Back in 2007, three Black transvestites found that a closing McDonald’s ran counter to their plan of devouring pre-365Black food:

Things got a little out of order after three hungry transvestites found their service at a Memphis McDonald’s drive-thru unsatisfactory. The three, er, men, tried to get the manager’s attention by tapping on the drive-thru window, and when they were ignored, decided to grab a tire iron and go inside and throw a supersize tantrum.

That’s when things got ugly.

As any good cross-dressers would, the three began to kick off stiletto boots (to better keep their balance while swinging), remove hoop earrings (no danger of having them yanked out), and take off their jackets (less restriction of movement) in order to deliver a McWhoopin’ on the staff.

The manager retaliated with a pot of scalding French-fry grease. When all was said and done, one worker was sent to the hospital by ambulance, windows were smashed, and the three trannies escaped before the police arrived.

You always hear or read of people saying, “It’s 2011.” Thereby, all types of behavior – once deemed deviant and unhealthy – are now tolerated. How could anyone be stuck in 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, or even 1990s thinking (this hilarious scene from Ace Ventura could never be filmed today, because it would infuriate a small sector of society and inevitably lead to a boycott of the film)?

{I was reading the comments section, and want to address one point quickly: This is Stuff Black People Don’t Like. That’s it. Search the archives. We do not discuss religion, sexual orientation or abortion. I’m sure there are people who visit this site that hold views anathema to other visitors. I know there are Christians, Jews, and Hindus who post here. There are Homosexuals and people who are radically opposed to Homosexuals. This website is SBPDL. Nothing more; nothing less.}

Because of the progression of time, attitudes should change. High rates of Black crime and the high levels of Black dysfunctional were never discussions tolerated, sadly, in any time period.

Instead of protesting McDonald’s for the racial transgendered beat down of a white female male by a bunch of Black women thinking they were watching Denzel Washington kiss Julia Roberts (yet another Black dude going for a white chick and spurning Black women), this story has become grounds for rallying around transgendered rights:

Advocates for transgender rights are planning a rally outside a McDonald’s in Maryland where an attack against a transgender woman that was caught on video took place.

The rally condemning the attack is set for 7 p.m. Monday outside the restaurant in Baltimore County.

The video posted online shows a woman being beaten and then apparently having a seizure. Baltimore County police say a 14-year-old girl has been charged as a juvenile and an 18-year-old woman, Teonna Monae Brown, faces assault charges in the case.

The victim, 22-year-old Chrissy Lee Polis, says she’s the victim of a hate crime. Polis says before she was attacked, one teen said Polis was a man using the women’s restroom and accused Polis of talking to her man.

Despite the plethora of documented moments – that show why all races move away from the Black Undertow – transpiring at Denny’s, IHOP, Burger King and especially at 365Black McDonald’s, the only people daring to protest the horrific attack of a white female male by a bunch of Black women could have been extras in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.

They have the right idea. Though Black transvestites in Memphis destroyed a McDonald’s back in 2007 and had hot fry grease thrown at them in a failed bid to ward them off, the initial boycotting of the Baltimore McDonald’s is a huge moment to reflect upon.

Stop eating at McDonald’s. The entire marketing campaign has long been predicated upon enticing Black patrons to spend their money under the Golden Arches. You’ll feel healthier a week after you stop eating food from a restaurant that values diversity above all other worldly pursuits.

What happened in Baltimore between a bunch of Black girls and a white female male was entirely uncalled for, but with the development that the she is a he takes on a whole new dimension. The DWL-led rainbow coalition is breaking apart.
Not only the McDonald’s in Baltimore, but all McDonald’s should be avoided and boycotted. The 365Black marketing strategy is emblematic of the type of clientele the restaurant is aiming for, and, thanks to the advent of technology that made Rodney King a star, we all have a chance to see this behavior on YouTube, and other online venues.

This Web site is Stuff Black People Don’t Like. That’s all we’ll talk about.  Join us in boycotting McDonald’s and its 365Black campaign, not because of one attack on a she he by truculent Black women, but because of a long chain of abuses perpetrated by truculent Black people that finally culminated in the beating of this white dude, who looks like a lady.

Boycott McDonald’s and boycott 365Black. Many thanks to those who sent in graphic designs for our boycott. If others wish to join in the fun, E-mail them to

Thanks are due to the writer of the Web site for Unamusementpark for the graphic asking WTF is 365Black? Check out their site. When you think about it, a more fitting marketing strategy for a restaurant couldn’t be created by the fine people at The Onion.

365Black wonderfully captures McDonald’s.



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