SWPL whites vs. SBPDL whites?

An image from Portlandia, a show that mocks SWPL white people

One of the cool aspects of running a Web site is seeing terms that originated here picked up by other people. Check out the new blog Those Who Can See, inspired by the concept we coined from the movie They Live.  Also, Hunter Wallace over at Occidental Dissent has picked up on the term Black-Run America (BRA) and elaborated upon it to an extent that borders on the obsessive (we mean that in a good way).

This Web site was started as a joke, but we’re inspired by readers who send in personal stories and have been inspired in return to work harder at showcasing the world that Pittsburgh television news directors are conspiring to censure.

One aspect of this site that will be elaborated upon soon is the Stuff White People Like (SWPL) white vs. Untouchable whites debate.

A self-identified SWPL white reader, Riley, wrote this in the comment section:

I find it very funny that whites on this site think all whites are on the same team. News Flash: The whites that really matter (High IQ whites, Elite Whites, and SWPL) either ignore don’t care and openly detest SBPDL type of whites. How many elite white want you guys living in their cities, not many. Many of you are like whiny little kids who a just mad because you angry that elite whites either care for NAMS more than you or Elite whites are not helping you out as they should. This proves that many of you are low quality and low IQ whites because the whites that matter (Don’t’ live near NAMS and for the most part NAMS are invisible to them. Perfect examples are NYC, LA and DC. This environment is majority NAMS but on the average day Elite whites rarely encounter NAms in a meaningful way. There are plenty of places in this country where SBPDL’s whites can move to and never encounter any NAMs. So what’s the problem? If you don’t move to the cities, you will not have to encounter any NAMS and it’s as simple as that. It’s sadistic for SBPDL’ type of whites wanting to move to cities that are controlled culturally and politically by SWPL when you detest these types of whites.

Has he (or she) coined a new term, “SBPDL whites?” Do SBPDL white despise SWPL whites? So much can be gleaned from this comment and we’ll comment on it fully later. What do you, dear readers, think of this comment.

Knowing that the ultimate SWPL white cities (Austin, Texas; Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and Boulder) are overwhelmingly white and have few Black people, one is left to wonder if SWPL whites are attempting to insulate themselves from the Black Undertow that is overwhelming many other U.S. major cities (tomorrow, we will have a long post on the Philadelphia Experiment: The Real Streets of Philly).

SWPL whites vs. SPBDL whites… interesting debate. What do you think?

One more thought: we appreciate all comments, but we do not approve more than 70 percent of them. Please refrain from using racial epithets.

Also, the first video below is what we believe beautifully encapsulates the SWPL white person mentality. It’s a music video from the band She & Him. If you prefer this song (instead of the one below it), you’re probably a SWPL white person.

If you prefer the one below it, you’re probably a SBPDL white person.

It should be stated that the person behind Stuff Black People Don’t Like lives in one of the top 10 SWPL cities. 



Stuff Black People Don't Like (formerly SBPDL.com) has moved to SBPDL.net!
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