Does Michelle Obama Look Like Chyna?

Let’s get this out there: Michelle Obama looks like a Black version of Chyna.

Is that former WWF wrestler Chyna?

You might be asking yourself, “Who is Chyna?” She is a body-builder turned WWF (WWE) wrestler. She actually just debuted in TNA wrestling. A picture of her can be found here.

We don’t mean to be disrespectful to The First Lady, but if we were to see her at the gym we’d probably turn the other direction. She seems to have the type of personality of that one lifter who sweats profusely, yells and grunts when lifting embarrassingly light weight, and gives people menacing looks for merely being in their way as they walk to the water fountain.

Lawrence Auster has published some hilarious pieces on Michele’s arms and it’s obvious the First Lady throws around some mean weights and could probably curl her husband.
Sports Illustrated has a feature called This Weeks Sign the Apocalypse is Among Us and though it is not sports related, we offer this Dancing with the Stars worthy moment for their consideration:

First Lady Michelle Obama has a lot of things going for her. She’s married to the president of the United States. She has two cute kids. Famously toned arms. A great wardrobe.

Oh, and she totally knows how to Dougie.
The first lady paid a surprise visit to Alice Deal Middle School in Tenleytown for a dance party Tuesday afternoon. When she arrived, the students were already out on the field, prepping to perform a Beyoncé workout video as part of the first lady’s nationwide “Let’s Move” initiative.
Students were warming up to the Black Eyed Peas song “I Gotta Feeling” when Michelle Obama took the stage. As students began to recognize her, they screeched with excitement and rushed closer to the stage.
“Are you surprised?” Obama asked them.

We’re guessing yes.

Is that a white Michelle Obama?

“I know all of you love Beyoncé, right?” Obama asked the kids. “Me too! Beyoncé is one of my favorite  performers on the planet.”

The first lady praised them for practicing the video, telling them it’s great they’re working out and having fun at the same time.
Then the kiddos displayed their new moves, although she’d warned them she hadn’t had time to learn the moves in the song. “I’m gonna be off to the side trying not to embarrass myself,” she said.
That didn’t keep her from grooving on her own, though. Michelle Obama performed the Dougie, the Running Man and the Cha-Cha during the song.
But afterward, she returned to the stage, suggesting they do it again. This time, Obama got into it much more, picking up more of the moves. See, all she needed was a bit of a warm-up.
More than 600 schools performed the Beyoncé workout simultaneously this afternoon. Only one school, of course, was lucky enough to have the first lady doing the Dougie on the sidelines.

Watching Michelle dance, one finally realizes why Mein Obama spends so much time on the golf course. For all we know, Chyna could be Michelle’s lifting buddy.

We’ve never quite understood why the media fawns over Michelle Obama; after all, she looks like a Black version of Chyna. And why does the media mention her “famously toned arms?” There bigger then Barack Obama’s quads, which isn’t something any media outlet should find worthy of admiration.
Michelle Obama looks like a Black Chyna.


We mean no disrespect to The First Lady by pointing out her similarities to Chyna. Somebody just had to say it.  
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