Thor: A Multicultural Update of 1987’s “Masters of the Universe”

A lot has been made over the movie Thor. One group decided to boycott the film, because of the casting of Idris Elba as Heimdall. In Nordic mythology, Heimdall is the ‘whitest of the Gods.’

"Masters of the Universe" starring Courtney Cox was much better than "Thor"

In the movie Thor, Heimdall is the ‘Blackest of the Gods.’

We used this colorful casting as one of the primary instances of Hollywood putting a “Blackface” on not only history, but in ensuring that a minority would be represented in the white world of Asgard.

Hollywood in Blackface is available on Amazon for Kindle now, and will soon be available in book form on that same site.

We at SBPDL just went and saw the film – though we purchased two tickets for Water for Elephants. Suck on that Marvel!!

After seeing the fim, it became obvious that the script writers borrowed heavily from a number of movies. The Destroyer robot that terrorized the New Mexico town was last scene in 2008’s The Day the Planet Stood Still (that movie strangely cast Will Smith’s son as the step-son Jennifer Connelly).

And once Thor – played by Chris Hemsworth – was banished to earth from Asgard, all we could think about was the classic 1987 film Masters of the Universe. Yes, the Dolph Lundgren He-Man movie was the blueprint for the scenes on earth in Thor film.

He-Man’s clan in that movie were Man-at-Arms and Teela, both white warriors from the planet of Eternia. Once in New Mexico, Thor’s happy clan, the Warriors Three Volstagg, come down from Asgard to help him out.

Three are white and one is an Asian dude looking like an extra from the 2003 film Hero.

All that was missing from Thor was Skeletor and Courtney Cox.

Let’s be honest: Thor was boring and a bad remake of Masters of the Universe, save for the quick tease of Hawkeye (played by Jeremy Renner).

Idris Elba looked out of place as a Nordic God in Thor, but guess what: so did most of the Nordic Gods. If you want to see what Thor was based on, go check out Masters of the Universe.

The cross-over world scenes between Eternia and earth are much better then ones of Asgard and New Mexico.

And you get Skeletor and Courtney Cox (just after she Danced in the Dark) in Masters of the Universe.



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