Hollywood in Blackface Available Now on Amazon

Now available on Amazon

Come Monday, the media blitz begins. But for now we are pleased to announce that Stuff Black People Don’t Like has published its second book, entitled Hollywood in Blackface: Black Images in Film from Night of the Living Dead to Thor.

Available now here and on Amazon for $16.19 (link will be up once it’s ready) in book form and $7.99 for your Kindle (already moving up the selling ranks and just shy of #20,000 in the paid Kindle store last time we checked) Hollywood in Blackface is a collection of many of the articles on Black Fictional Images (Heroes) from this site and roughly 70 – 80 pages of new material.

If you’re a reader in the United Kingdom or Denmark, you can purchase it on Kindle and read it immediately!

What’s the book about you ask? Simply a breakdown of the “Numinous Negro” in film and a discussion of why cinema was (and continues to be) such an important medium for manufacturing positive images of Black people. Since most people live highly segregated lives, the only times they encounter Black people are via the nightly news and a Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson or Morgan Freeman movie.

For a donation of $50 dollars or more (make them in the upper left-hand corner of this Web site) we’ll send you a signed copy of both Hollywood in Blackface and SBPDL Year One. We don’t do this site for profit, we do it to send a message and with each donation, we can send out a couple of review copies to further the message of SBPDL.

Thanks to all those who already made a donation; that people care about this site and the work put into it makes us want to work even harder. As we approach the second anniversary of this sites founding (it was in late May of 2009 that we went live) it’s time to thank all of you who continue to visit SBPDL.com and spread the message.

Thanks to those who have linked to us and helped build our credibility, we are forever indebted.

To those readers interested in some fun activism, go to your local Barnes and Noble on Monday and order 5 – 10 copies of Hollywood in Blackface. When they come in, instead of paying for them place the copies strategically around the store; in the TV/Film section, African American studies section, and best sellers.

You never know who might find a copy and buy it.

It’s our hope that you enjoy this book, share it with friends, and that it ultimately makes an impact of Biblicial proportions.



Stuff Black People Don't Like (formerly SBPDL.com) has moved to SBPDL.net!
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