#239. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has built an empire utilziing primarily white wrestlers

(Editors note: this is a re-post from SBPDL.com)
Black people love professional wrestling. They adore the theatricality, the drama, the story lines and the professional athletes/actors who perform staged, premeditated, choreographed action in the square circle.

Black people have long had many wonderful performers to cheer for: The Ugandan Giant, Kamala; Virgil, the former servant of The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase; Ron Simmons, who led the Nation of Domination – a Black power themed group that also included the half-black Rock – and the recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Koko B. Ware. Many more Black wrestlers are currently active, but they have yet to acquire the status of these gentlemen in the eyes of Black people.

With all these talented grapplers, it is hard to imagine Black people having any grief or beef with promoters of wrestling, consider the only way wrestlers “get over” is by impressing the audience and having them part ways with their money to watch them fake wrestle and buy their merchandise.

Ted DiBiase makes his man-servant Virgil put on the Million Dollar Belt

The problem is that Black people consider Vince McMahon, the chairman of the publicly traded company World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), a racist.

Consider, there has never been a Black person crowned as WWF/WWE champion (The Rock is not fully Black, thus Black people will not consider him Black enough. He does not pass the Paper-Bag test).

Vince McMahon has continually cast Blacks in stereotypical roles. Consider Cryme Tyme, an African-American duo, noted for their propensity to commit crime. Thus, McMahon is buying into the idea – although crime stats do prove its veracity – that Black people commit crime.

WWE.com wrote about the duo:

 “Tonight a new tag team, Cryme Tyme, will be introduced to the RAW audience. In an effort to humor and entertain our fans the tag team known as Cryme Tyme will be parodying racial stereotypes.
Shad Gaspard and JTG do outlandish, outrageous “stunts” to ready themselves for tag team action on RAW. This attempt at Saturday Night Live like humor is bound to entertain audiences of all ethnic derivations.
We hope you enjoy the weekly adventures of Cryme Tyme.”

Most recently the WWE had a Black wrestler named MVP, whose character played upon the stereotypical, over-confident, flamboyant Black athlete (think NFL, NBA). Despite numerous attempts to push this character, he never got over with the fans.

Booker T is the only Black man to hold the WWE championship in the history of the WWWE/WWF/WWE:

“Without overwhelming the reader with statistics allow me to once again point out the obvious. In it’s history, the WWE has never had an African-American world champion. WCW, before it’s demise had a few, namely Booker T and Ron Simmons, both of whom were buried upon their arrival to the WWE. While the argument could be made that Ron Simmons (known as Faarooq) never had the charisma required of a WWE champion (particularly at the time of his jump) Booker T is/was a charismatic showman with much to offer when given proper room to develop a character.

“The long standing excuse for these burials the WWE simply does not have the fan base to support a minority champion. This argument fails to hold water, particularly when one attends a live event and notes the demographic of the crowd. Consider also, the success of John Cena, portraying a character that most fans would admittedly associate with an African-American culture.”

Vince McMahon might be a marketing genius and self-made billionaire, but he is no friend of Black people or of promoting a Black person (besides the half-Black Rock), which is why he is included in Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

Consider that no active Black wrestler has ever been in the Main Event of Wrestlemania, the flagship event that the WWE puts on every year. In fact the current landscape of the WWE talent roster is a lily-white, with overtures being made the growing Hispanic population in the United States with wrestlers like Alberto Del Rio, Sin Cara, and the continued, inexplicable push of Rey Mysterio Jr.

The only Black wrestler currently being pushed is R-Truth (he had a cameo in the 2009 film The Wrestler), but his character is not over with fans enough for the marketing forces behind the WWE “to push” as a credible, merchandise-selling talent (a great white paper could be written on WWE and its use of crowd psychology in marketing).

Worst of all, McMahon is great friends with fellow billionaire Donald Trump who “the Blacks” all hate now for daring to challenge Mein Obama. He appeared at Wrestlemania 23 in a match with McMahon where the loser would have his head shaved and Trump hosted Wrestlemania IV and V in Atlantic City.

Will advertisers eventually pull their wares from WWE programming, as they have Celebrity Apprentice? When will Black pressure-groups realize that the WWE markets its product to racist white fans who want to cheer for white wrestlers like Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, and virtually everyone else on the RAW and Smackdown! rosters?

Perhaps its not Vince McMahon that is the “racist” but it is the wrestling audience that desires seeing white guys win. But would that make Vince and the WWE racist for placating the audience by pushing wrestlers like John Cena, Jack Swagger, Christian, Randy Orton, The Miz, and an assortment of other generic white guys?

Why can’t Black guys get over with the wrestling audience?



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6 Responses to #239. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon

  1. William says:

    MVP was hugely over with the fans until they decided to stop his push when he lost the U.S. Championship (he was the 3rd longest reigning champion).

    The storyline was that since he had begun to have a losing streak, that he wouldn’t receive his contract “incentive bonus”.
    He no long entered the arena in his inflatable tunnel, he had no pyro and the furniture for his talk show was taken away.

    He broke his losing streak and became a good guy, he had a short lived fued with then U.S. Champion The Miz but his popularity became stagnant because he was never heavily featured on shows.

  2. Deric says:

    Didn’t Booker T win one of the main titles while with WWE? He also won King of the Ring, and was constantly one of the main eventers on Smackdown. This does not forgive the past, nor am I saying that most black wrestlers aren’t treated that way, but I’m rather sure Booker passes the paper bag test and is an exception to the rule.

    Personally, I never found Virgil to be that worthwhile. I always thought Tony Atlas was a guy WWF (at the time) dropped the ball on. Obviously he had drug problems, but so did a lot of guys they pushed big time. I though Atlas had the look (by far) and was probably equally as talented as Hogan. I don’t know if it was the fans or management, but I thought Atlas was actually the right guy at the right time, just not the right place or people I guess. Hogan and Atlas actually had some real solid work together and I think a feud would have been a natural fit between the two, but it never happened.

  3. Johnny says:

    Bobby Lashley was the Black version of Brock Lesnar. Both big & former collegiate amateur wrestlers. But guess who never won the WWE championship or World championship? Lashley.

  4. Ouija says:

    Idiot, MVP came up with that heel character himself. He did it to get heat, because in real life, nobody likes the smug high payed athletes. He confirmed this in a podcast. I hate when people post something like this and don’t do their full research.

  5. Spike39 says:

    im a wrestling fan um yes i am a white english male and 24 years old but i am one of the few none racist fans out there and im 100 percent aware of most wrestling fans are racist but i am not i do love wrestlers such as booker t and r truth and ron simmons and bobby lashley and the pope and D-von and a few other black wrestlers also i like sheamus as a wrestler so please stop saying all wrestling fans are racist because were not

  6. Curtis says:

    Booker T won the World Title which is basically the old WCW Championship and WCW is gone so he won crap he was never WWE/WWF Champion the championship that actually means somehing….

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