This Bud’s Not for You: Budweiser has "African American Bud" Web Site

At first, we thought the Web site we will quickly discuss was a joke. Sent over from the fine folks over at in an E-mail, we were sure that it had to be a clever and incredibly slick hoax.

It is not. Much like American Airlines Black Atlas and McDonald’s 365Black marketing strategy, Anheuser-Busch has created a new campaign targeting the Black community.

If you’re Black, get a grant or learn about great Kings & Queens from Africa!

When you visit the page, you are welcomed to “African American Bud!” (this must be the one Black friend all white people allude to prior to making a racist comment or after a making a racist comment and pronouncing their sorrow – “I have Black friends, but…” or, “I can’t be racist, I have Black friends…”) and greeted with explanation:

Anheuser-Busch believes that it’s important to be in the community and of the community. That’s why we support community-based organizations in their efforts to inform, advance and support the African-American community. Here, you can learn more about our work and, in several instances, how you can become a part of it. Welcome to your community. Welcome to
Even better, you have the option of learning about the great Kings and Queens of Africa through an interactive tutorial (available here). We at SBPDL actually thought this site was still a cruel – and impressive joke – until we took the tour of great African Kings & Queens:

African-Americans have influenced global culture through rich traditions, a strong vision for the future and boundless creativity. Anheuser-Busch understands and appreciates the importance of the African-Americans community’s artistic and cultural contributions, which is why we seek ways to promote and preserve the work and legacy of historical and modern-day cultural icons and artists. Since 1975, for example, the Budweiser Great Kings and Queens of Africa program—a series of 30 paintings featuring historical African kings and queens—has advanced cultural pride and awareness while providing African-American artists the opportunity to share their talents with the world.

Highlighting many rulers from Ancient Egypt (wait, were they Black?) such as Thutmose III, Tiye, Nefertari, and such great African rulers as Tenkamenin, King of Ghana and Affonso I, King of Congo, the great kings & queens series from Budweiser is an Afro-centrists fantasy come to life.
Or, it could just be that Michael Jackson’s Do you Remember the Time Afro-centrist music video featuring all-Black actors as Ancient Egyptians was the cue for the dramatic tutorial. We still aren’t sure this site isn’t a joke, until you learn this:
 We believe that everyone deserves the chance to learn, grow and prosper; a chance to fulfill their promise. That’s why Anheuser-Busch supports educational opportunity through scholarship programs, including funding national educational organizations like the United Negro College Fund, 100 Black Men of American and the Tom Joyner Foundation, and a variety of national and local organizations all concerned with ensuring equal access to education for everyone.
Anheuser-Busch is committed to helping minority- and women-owned businesses succeed. The company’s Partners in Economic Progress Program has helped more than 9,000 businesses provide products or services to Anheuser-Busch, amounting to more than $309 million in spending annually. If you are interested in business opportunities please visit our supplier registration website below. Registering through the website ensures that your company will become part of our vendor database, but does not guarantee that a business opportunity will become available.

Ostensibly, anyone looking to improve the Black community can apply for a grant from the “African American Bud” organization by going here. When applying for money, be sure to learn about great African kings & queens.

On second though “African American Bud” must be the one random Black guy in every Budweiser beer commercial bringing diversity, fun, and that ‘hip’ factor to an otherwise boring and dull all-white party.

You can contact “African American Bud” here

A lot of things make us laugh. 365Black and American Airlines Black Atlas are both fantastic marketing strategies that are funny to us, but “African American Bud” is an even funnier attempt to corner the market of Black beer consumers.

Plus, you can learn a thing or two of great (made-up) African kings & queens from the Budweiser Afro-centrist tutorial in the process.

So add another company on the growing list of corporations who have bowed before the awesome power of Black-Run America (BRA) and decided to create inadvertently hilarious Web sites that pander to this segment of the population.

We recall that Jesse Jackson was able to secure a Budweiser distributorship for his son, and if you’d like to know how, consult this link.

As for us, we at Stuff Black People Don’t Like will engage in a boycott of Budweiser beer. Besides, we’ve always enjoyed Coors far more.



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