"Hollywood in Blackface" now available in paperback on Amazon

This must be Budweiser’s doing…

We finally got Hollywood in Blackface out (available on Amazon in book form here). If you enjoy this Web site, purchase a copy and help us send it up the list of Amazon best-sellers (the Kindle version reached #5 in movies yesterday). For a donation of $50 or more, we’ll send you a signed copy of both Hollywood in Blackface and SBPDL Year One (make it in the left-hand corner to PayPal). 

If you have a Web site, blog , or write for a publication just contact us and we’ll send you a review copy. We’ll get back to normal posts soon, but a quick observation:

A reader sent me the YouTube clip of a 1990s debate between Afro-centric educator John Henrik Clarke and Dr. Mary Lefkowitz on the Black Athena controversy. Remember those Budweiser great kings & queens of African history? Most are just corporate-approved drawings by Afro-centric painters bent on creating positives images from antiquity of Black people.
That “so-called educators” could peddle asinine theories that Egypt was Black and that Greece and Rome stole ideas from Black Africa is so patently absurd that it’s hard to believe serious academics were forced to debate someone like Clarke and endure a hostile audience of Afro-centric infused students. Watch the “debate” for yourself here.
The 1990s also was a time where heated debates on issues like The Bell Curve and immigration-moratoriums were won, but those who deny reality and desire turning the United States into Mexico secured a Pyrrhic victory in ensuring that suggestions based on reality would not be implemented. I was in grade school when these debates raged and have enjoyed watching nearly two decades since the warnings of rational men went unheeded.
We march inevitably toward what Occidental Dissent has deemed “The Day the EBT Cards Stop Working” (39 percent of Black people in Michigan and 31 percent of Black people in Alabama are on EBT cards, costing both states a combined $100 million each year) and what we believe will ultimately serve as the death-sentence of Black-Run America (BRA).
At a time when President Mein Obama seriously considers granting amnesty to untold millions of colonizers from Mexico, the Black unemployment rate reaches unprecedented levels. That no Black leader will connect the dots between high rates of Black unemployment for Black teenagers (and older Black people) and an endless supply of cheap labor from Mexico is beyond us.
That only one Republican dared point out that Black people’s overall laziness contributes to a higher unemployment rate is an indicator of how vapid conservatives have become. Republicans also engaged in that Pyrrhic victory back in the 1990s that ensured we would reach a moment like the one coming soon, so they’ve always been perfidious.
And that, my friends, is about as political as we’ll ever get at SBPDL. It’s time to get back to the origins of this site and have some fun. What was it Alinksy said? Something like, “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon?”
Besides, the debate on whether or not the Greeks, Romans or Egyptians were white was beautifully answered in the 2007 film 300. Hollywood has spent decades trying to manufacture positive images of Black people while emasculating white males in film; in 300 – thanks to Zack Synder – you got a glimpse of what Hollywood could produce.
Read Hollywood in Blackface to understand what is produced 99 percent of the time. If you enjoy it, go to your local bookstore and order a few copies and instead of buying them, strategically place them around the store.
You never know who might pick up a copy.


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