Setting goals in life are important. Constantly striving and aspiring for something currently beyond your grasp and working diligently to attain that which is desired is one of the most rewarding functions of living.

The Next Man in Hell debuts

We wrote that we have goals to get out two books before the end of year. In early to mid-August, The Opiate of America will be coming out. This will be SBPDL’s take on collegiate and professional sports. In mid-October, SBPDL Year Two will be released.

SBPDL.com changed considerably in our second year and we believe that it was for the better and that few Web sites brought as much hard-hitting reporting, original commentary, and insights as we did from May 2010 – May 2011.

But the book we announce today has been on our mind for ten years. Reading that the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled – in a 5-4 decision – that California must release 30,000 prisoners has triggered a commitment to finally finishing this story.

That the rights of prisoners – as The New York Times makes clear in this article – are all Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) care about has us in an unpleasant mood. How many other states in the union have overcrowded prisons, thanks to a group of people that commits crime at a disproportionate rate than others? Illinois is one. We’d wager Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania and many others are in the same boat and will probably consider a similar scenario, releasing criminals due to austerity measures.

Evil – regardless of color – must be confronted. That our society tolerates evil, seemingly cultivating its proliferation leaves us perplexed and demoralized. Reading in The New York Times that white people now see anti-white bias as a greater threat than anti-Black bias (just spend ten minutes on Diversityinc.com) cheered us up.

So on November 11, 2011, a novel a decade in the making will be released. It’s a story that must be told. As an undergraduate in 2004, I read that Peter Brimelow wanted to have a fictional last chapter to his non-fiction tome Alien Nation. His publisher ruled against it.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. The worst was letting someone very special to me get away. Perhaps “push away” is a more apt statement.

 But it’s with a smile on my face that I remember one of our first dates and the final line from a seemingly forgettable movie that rarely leaves my mind:

“Do not fear death. But rather the unlived life. You don’t have to live forever. You just have to live.”

Brimelow has yet to write that fictional chapter. Because a promise to someone very special to me now was made, it’s time to finally finish a project more than a decade in the making. There’s a lot I want to accomplish in life, but it’s this story that is a goal of mine to get out.

That quote from above fuels my desire to finish this story and on November 11, 2011, The Next Man in Hell will be released. It’s not too early to start promotional material — those on the so-called “right” aren’t very good at this — so below is a viral video I created.

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.



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