Thomas Jane "Too White" to Star Opposite Sly Stallone in ‘Headshot’? ‘Hollywood in Blackface’ in Action

Having just published a book called Hollywood in Blackface, I feel like I have a good grasp of Tinseltown and the direction the studios are attempting to go with their casting decision. Knowing that Fast Five had the ultimate multiracial cast – with one token white dude in Paul Walker – it should be obvious by now that the emasculation of the American male is almost complete in cinema.

Thomas Jane: “Too white” to play opposite Stallone in Headshot

Recall what Roger Ebert wrote in his review of XXX: State of the Union:

Did I enjoy this movie? Only in a dumb mindless way. It has whatever made the original “XXX” entertaining, but a little less of it. Does it make the slightest sense? Of course not. Its significance has nothing to do with current politics and politicians, the threat of terrorism, and the efficiency of bullet trains. It has everything to do with a seismic shift in popular culture.

Once all action heroes were white. Then they got a black chief of police, who had a big scene where he fired them. Then they got a black partner. Then they were black and had a white partner. Now they are the heroes and don’t even need a white guy around, although there is one nerdy white guy in “XXX” who steps in when the plot requires the ineffectual delivery of a wimpy speech. So drastically have things changed that when Ice Cube offers to grab the president and jump off a train and grab a helicopter, all the president can do is look grateful.

The transformation is discussed at length in Hollywood in Blackface. Knowing that there are no white American action stars under the age of 40 being cast as legitimate bad-asses, and that Hollywood is actively emasculating white guys in film by constantly portraying them as weak and callow (as compared to excessively bellicose, full of machismo, and highly desirable Black guys) you begin to understand the whole concept of what Hollywood in Blackface means.

Now comes news that Thomas Jane, a guy who was on track to be that next white American bad-ass in film, is “too white” to play opposite Sylvester Stallone — though Stallone handpicked him — in the new film Headshot:

Back in April, it was reported that Thomas Jane (The Mist, Punisher) has signed on to star alongside Sylvester Stallone in “Headshot” crime thriller, to be directed by Walter Hills (48 Hrs, The Warriors).

Filming was set to begin this month, but Warner Bros is now looking to replace Jane with a more “ethnic” actor. The studio believes that with a minority in the role, the film will be able to reach a wider audience, which results in bigger box office. Both Stallone and Hill would like to keep Jane, but that may not happen.

In “Headshot,” Stallone’s character teams with a young NYPD detective (Jane) in a high-stakes investigation that leads from the back alleys of New Orleans all the way to Washington, DC. The unlikely duo, brought together by two vicious murders, take on all who stand in their way, and are willing to sacrifice everything to exact revenge.

Thomas Jane has the worst luck when it comes to movies and being “too white” when the studio is looking for an ethnic guy to help carry is a hilarious realization of the entire concept of Hollywood in Blackface. Here is more on the story:

It was announced last moth that Sylvester Stallone and director Walter Hill had handpicked actor Thomas Jane to co-star in the upcoming action thriller Headshot, which finds a cop teaming up with an assassin to take down a shared enemy. But that was before the film landed at producer Joel Silver‘s Dark Castle Entertainment.

Reports are suggesting that Joel Silver is actively looking to fire Thomas Jane because he is white. That’s right. Even though Sylvester Stallone and Walter Hill want Thomas Jane on the project, Joel Silver thinks that the script would be better suited, and should be changed so that it resembles the white guy/black guy buddy formula that was so successful in his previous movies Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout.

This is what Thomas Jane had to say about the decision:

“”No comment, but I can tell you this, we have a classic with me & Sly & Hill. Script is tailor made for us all.”

Joel Silver is looking for other potential actors to take over for Thomas Jane, but none of those names have been released. According to sources close to Headshot, Thomas Jane hasn’t walked yet. He is officially signed on, so there will be some negotiating before he leaves the project. It is unclear when the movie will start production.

Our guess is that Joel Silver tries and casts one of the Black actors from Takers, a 2010 film starring Idris Elba that played well with ethnic audiences.

Jane has been so close to becoming a big Hollywood name, only to be the beneficiary of bad luck, bad scripts, and – obviously – blatant discrimination because he’s ‘too white’. Zack Snyder wanted him to play The Comedian in 2009’s Watchmen, but he passed on that opportunity. The role went to Jeffery Dean Morgan who has gone on to make forgettable action flicks. 
Now we find out that after being personally cast by both Stallone and Hill, Thomas Jane is being removed from Headshot because he is ‘too white’. 
No greater representation for Hollywood in Blackface can be found then this, as the guy Hollywood was preparing to make the next big white American bad-ass action star – his depiction of Frank Castle at the end of 2004’s The Punisher was awesome stuff – has now been relegated to the ‘too white’ territory. 
Just as Ebert said in his review of XXX: State of the Union
Now they are the heroes and don’t even need a white guy around, although there is one nerdy white guy in “XXX” who steps in when the plot requires the ineffectual delivery of a wimpy speech.
That’s all white people are now in Black-Run America (BRA).
Here are two of Thomas Jane’s best roles in Thursday and The Punisher. My favorite scenes in both films are linked.


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