Our Favorite News Story of All-Time: Rachel Maddow Profiles Detroit High School for Pregnant Girls that is Closing

Are there tests at Catherine Ferguson Academy?

In twenty years time, only one news story will be needed to successfully inculcate young students of why Black-Run America (BRA) was doomed to fail. Only one.

Courtesy of Detroit, the town that illustrates beautifully (and tragically) what happens when white flight and Black empowerment mix, you have the story of Catherine Ferguson Academy – a school for more than 300 pregnant or new mothers that are also high school students – closing:

Catherine Ferguson Academy is unlike any other school in the country. It has been educating teen mothers since 1988. A high graduation and college acceptance rate, the alternative Detroit public school is set to shut its doors for good, following massive budget cuts and a lack of financial support from the private Charters system.Earlier this week, in an effort to save their school, current and alumni students staged a sit in which quickly ended when local authorities arrested the girls

Rachel Maddow used her show on MSNBC in an attempt to bring sympathy to this closing academy and the plight of the pregnant girls shown the door in Detroit. Many of the students were arrested in protesting the closing of the school.

We know that Detroit is headed for economic collapse. The entire state of Michigan and its Black population is headed in the same direction. You can search our archives here and see that we have written about Detroit on numerous occasions.

Here’s a 2004 story on Catherine Ferguson, a school that is 90 percent Black and virtually every student gets a free lunch (what about the babies?):

This year the school was named a Breakthrough High School by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. One of 12 schools nationally to win the distinction, Catherine Ferguson earned it based on the following criteria: At least 50 percent of the school is minority; 50 percent of the student body qualifies for free and reduced-price meals; and at least 90 percent of students graduate and are accepted to college. 

The academy had no problem meeting the requirements — with 94 percent black students and 5 percent Hispanic, and more than 90 percent eligible for free or reduced lunches, every year Catherine Ferguson achieves a 90 percent graduation rate; 100 percent of those who graduate (85 last year) are accepted to two- or four-year colleges, most with financial aid, says the school’s principal, G. Asenath Andrews. 

“Kids transform themselves here,” Andrews says. “We’re just a pot and kids jump in and turn themselves from lead into gold.” 

Every year, enrollment is first come, first served for as many as 400 students and 200 babies. There is no academic requirement; most of the girls are in the process of dropping out when they enter. As many as 20 percent drop out every year, Andrews says. (The 90 percent graduation rate is based on students who make it to their senior year.) 

Andrews says the difference at her school is personal attention to each student. While Detroit public schools average 35 students for every teacher, Catherine Ferguson has an 18 to 1 ratio. Each student is assigned to a homeroom teacher whom she stays with until she graduates. The homeroom teacher is responsible for looking after the student, the “first line” before issues head to the principal’s office. When the kids don’t show up or don’t do their homework, a teacher asks, “Why? Where are you? What’s going on?”“What we know about schools that are successful is that kids feel involved,” Andrews says. “I couldn’t work in a school where the teachers didn’t care. If there’s a problem with a student, I’ll go to her house, to her neighborhood.” 

Catherine Ferguson coaches every student on friendship, respect and loyalty as well as parenting skills. The school offers on-site services, including food stamps, an immunization clinic, dental services, and parenting/family literacy and counseling classes. Also, students can take a three-week summer school program at Queens College in Canada, as well as other off-site study programs. To graduate, students must do an internship in a professional setting. 

The one-stop education and social-service center is a great boon to Fior Marmol, 19, a young runaway who had a baby at age 15. 

“When I graduate in January, I’m going to go to Central Michigan University,” 

Marmol says. “I want to get a four-year law degree and learn two other languages. I already know English and Spanish. I want to go into the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency].

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to conclude that Andrews possesses magical powers of persuasion. While Detroit public schools are bleeding students and dollars, prompting the recent announcement that the district will close 40 schools and cut 4,000 jobs to shore up a $200 million two-year deficit, Catherine Ferguson, somehow, every year, obtains about double the funding per student of the average Detroit public school. Andrews is tight-lipped about her budget and how she makes it work, except to say that the school is district-funded and gets dollars for special-needs students. 

We can’t find test scores for this school (if someone can, please send them over or post them in the comments section). Something smells incredibly fishy about this whole story. When you watch Maddow’s news piece, notice the horses and gardens. This story has everything that liberals love: a school named after a slave, with an enrollment of almost all Black girls that are pregnant or have just given birth, and the illusion of success at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars.

We aren’t sure what a Great School Rating means, but on this site, the school gets a 1 out of 10.

It’s obvious that Detroit is going back to nature, as the city is slowly overrun by vegetation in a scene reminiscent of Earth Abides.

These type of strange news stories from Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) reporters – like Maddow – are going to be ubiquitous in the coming months as austerity measures begin to dismantle BRA piece by piece.

This story of Catherine Ferguson Academy closing – and the unsuccessful privatization of the school through chartering – is an example of the free market at work. Any wonder why Black people don’t like Ron Paul or the Austrians at Lewrockwell.com?

If you let the free market dictate things, its obvious that no financial incentive or return on investment (ROI) can be calculated by privately funding Catherine Ferguson Academy.

The collapse of BRA is upon us and it’s not going to be pretty. Detroit Public Schools have no money and attempts to make people empathize with the plight of Catherine Ferguson Academy is silly and non-productive. No one forced these girls to have sexual relations and get pregnant:

The DPS faces a $327 million deficit out of a budget of $1.187 billion. A conventional student in the DPS costs $7,600 to educate, which is the highest in the state by far. But the DPS also has several “specialty” schools where the per-pupil cost is much higher. One of them, Catherine Ferguson Academy, exclusively educates teen mothers. With free daycare and other amenities, it costs the school $12,619 per pupil to educate its students. 

You want to shut it down to save money? I understand. But how many of these girls will never complete high school if you do that? And what will become of them, and their babies, as a result?

Only a nation completely dedicated to Black-Run America would fund such a school, even though they claim to have a  90% graduation rate and 100% college and higher education acceptance upon graduation. How is that even possible? 

Something fishy is going on in Detroit and one day the books will be opened and an independent audit of the city will occur. Then, and only then, will we get to know just how big of a lie (and cost) the Catherine Ferguson Academy represented. 

Enjoy the video below. 



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