Banning of the Trolls Starts Now

There is no Troll Toll at SBPDL; They Just Aren’t Welcome Anymore

We approve all comments here at SBPDL. To some, this might seem a nuisance. To us, we are able to control the flow of the conversation by reserving the right to decline comments.

We have failed in doing this. Someone named Desiree has been a great nuisance here for too long, driving away readers with her diatribes that make virtually no sense. She created a persona called “Professor Snape” and has recently been posting under the names “Jones,” “Dree,” and “Dreko.”

You are now banned. We’d like to open up posts and allow anyone to contribute without censorship, but SBPDL has become a brand that must be protected.

Seek help Desiree. Please. Creating multiple personalities in an attempt to change people’s opinion on Black people and the concept of Black-Run America – that a lifetime of real-world experience have unfortunately provided ample fuel for such views and derision toward a system that seeks to normalize Black pathologies – and writing long-winded comments (only about 10 percent of her various characters posts get approved) seems a strange waste of ones time.

We wish you all the luck in the world as you finish your studies at UNLV. Time is ones most precious resource and you should always remember that it is finite. Don’t waste it anymore coming here; we won’t waste ours dealing with your comments anymore.

Just as the Mainstream Media is forced to censor their comments section on any story dealing with Black people on their Web sites, we will now do the same when it comes to the impertinent rantings of those who come to SBPDL and write lies peddled as truth in the same vein as Stephen Jay Gould’s Mismeasure of Man.

So to protect what we have created, SBPDL will no longer publish comments that fail to address what is written or the words of any of the various incarnations of Desiree, an individual who has successful driven away readers. It was our fault that we kept posting her rants.

We take full responsibility for that and we will rectify that now.

Thanks to all of you loyal readers who continue to inspire us with your e-mails, comments and continued visiting of this site. Doing SBPDL has inspired so many other projects and gotten the creative juices flowing in us big-time, and we owe all of that to those who visit this site, link to us on their blog rolls and spread the SBPDL message across the web and to their friends (it might be ambitious, but we have plans to unveil five books in the next 10 months, plus a video documentary of Detroit and Birmingham). 

Tolerating negativity from an obviously obsessed troll is something we are no longer interested in doing. At all. We owe it to you, those readers who invest their time and understand what we are trying to accomplish, to finally pull the trigger.

Expect the third part of our response to Steve Sailer on College Football tomorrow and a big article on Green Lantern and comics. Plus, a Father’s Day message (Happy Father’s Day Dad!).

You are banned Troll. We’ll let Ryan Reynold’s awesome insult from Blade Trinity be the last words we ever direct at you.

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