Happy Father’s Day

The Marley and Me Dichotomy

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there reading this site (mine included). You have one of the more important tasks and jobs in the world and those that would be irresponsible in performing their duty of being a positive role model, mentor, disciplinarian, and ultimately best friend to their children deserve to be shunned from society.

Sadly, with the concept of Black-Run America (BRA) governing every aspect of our lives, it is inconceivable that we could point out the failure of the majority of Black males (nearly 75 percent) in raising the results of their unprotected sexual encounters. 

 OneSTDV published two excellent essays last week, with one being on Liberal Creationists on the Black Family and the other on America’s Dying Suburbs. That Black pathologies are now seeping into white America can be largely attributed to our societies capitulation to BRA and reticence to question any negative suspect aspect of Black people in general. We have been conditioned that any criticism of Black people is inherently evil, so we tolerate such negative behavior to our detriment.

The New York Daily News published an article on The Death of Middle America and the disintegration of white working class families. It’s a tough read. Check it out here.

I’ve been extremely close to marriage before. There are times that I wish things had turned out differently, but it was choices I consciously made that ended something special. A lot of my best friends are getting married now; many already are and have beautiful families.

It might be a Beta move of me to write this,but every time I visit one of my best friends, I feel like the character of Sebastian Tunney from Marley and Me.  He was John Grogan’s (played by Owen Wilson) best friend and there’s a pivotal scene where they run into each other after years have passed since their last encounter.

Grogan has three kids, a great family, and Tunney blows off his invitation for dinner to go try and bang a couple chicks. Not realizing it at that the time – we don’t realize the pivotal moments of our life until, sadly, much later – but that would be one of the final movies I would ever see with her.

I tried to live the Roissy lifestyle, well, I did live that lifestyle. The stories I could share.. and I have nothing to show for it. Every time I see my friend or talk with him on the phone, he never fails to bring up my biggest failure. My one regret.

So happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, thank you. Chasing after girls is fun, just as going on that first date with a girl is an enjoyable experience where endless vistas of possibilities potentially await you.

But on a day like Father’s Day, I remember how my siblings and I would run into my parents room and give my dad breakfast in bed and the joy he’d have in his eyes.

Roissy (a writer I enjoy reading) and a lot of people believe bedding a ton of random chicks is a revolutionary act in a world dedicated to promoting and celebrating abnormalities. It’s on this Father’s Day in 2011 that I realize the truly revolutionary act is being a committed father.

So if you are a young person (under 30, like me) reading this, understand that the most revolutionary thing you can do is have children. Be a father or a mother; someones spouse. I know too many people who believe all is lost, that things will never get better and I don’t like associating with them.

It is going to get better, and having children only makes you that much more vested in ensuring it does. 

So Happy Father’s Day 2011.



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