Life Under DWL Rule: Carter Strange Lynched; Chicago is Close to the Breaking Point

“Write about what you know and what interests you, and the rest will come easy.” That’s the best advice to any aspiring writer wanting to chronicle life in the dying stages of Black-Run America (BRA) I can give.

No heroes protect the innocent in BRA. Thanks to DWLs, Black criminality could strike anyone

In traveling yesterday, I re-read Frank Miller’s absolutely brilliant Dark Knight Returns and decided that for the next month I’m going to work on getting out a book to coincide with the release of Captain America: The First Avenger. A lot of people don’t like the fact that I write about sports, movies, pop culture and comics, but you should write about what interests you.

It will be a short book that will answer the question of why whiteness and the concept of superheroes goes hand-in-hand.

Why don’t I just concentrate on writing about Black depravity, crime and the continued destruction of major cities? In short answer, because I have to stay sane. Reading about stories about groups of Black people engaging in urban terrorism – that’s all Mahogany Mobs, Knockout King, Polar Bear Hunting, and Black crime can be described as – enrages me to a point that no two-hour workout at the gym can alleviate.

My disgust and anger toward a system that actively rewards Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) with career advancement as long as they cover-up Black criminality and failure (case in point the police chief in Chicago who blames white racism on the rash of Black violence) or those Perfidious White Journalist (PWJ) whose reticence to speak openly about the color of crime in America forced the creation of because the market dictated such, can’t be augmented 24/7 anymore.

You reach a point where you realize everyone responsible for the state of this world, this country, deserves to be punished. Harshly. Those who think otherwise are insane.

If I could speak to Carter Strange, the Columbia, South Carolina resident who was beaten within an inch of his life by eight Black terrorists, I would tell him that the policies of DWLs and the enabling of BRA to reach a point where Black crime is excused away and censored are responsible for a society that allows “Beat Whitey Night” to transpire unabated ever day in this nation.

Strange could be the biggest liberal in the world, devoted to uplifting every Black person and illegal immigrant, but he is in a hospital right now because Crusading White Pedagogues (CWP) in school teach that every failure Black people encounter in life is directly correlated to white racism. Of course, I’d love to know what Eve Carson was thinking as she was bleeding out from the gunshot wound suffered – arbitrarily – at the hands of two Black men in Chapel Hill back in 2008.

I’d love to speak Hillaire S., the Silsbee, Texas cheerleader who was raped by a star Black athlete, and was kicked off her squad because of her refusal to cheer for him. Her family is being asked to pay the legal fees associated with her case and many in her town sided with the rapist because of his ability to win games.

Her story is a metaphor for every college team in America – save Brigham Young – and fuels my increasing hatred of organized sports. On every campus, sexual assaults are brushed under the table so that Black athletes who have no business being in the school can remain eligible to participate in sports.

I remember all of these stories, thousands more, and every attempt to make me feel guilty with stories of Emmitt Till, James Byrd and water hoses in Birmingham fail to penetrate or have any impact.

In truth, I’d love to just go back to doing # posts (a homage to Stuff White People Like), because I have a list of over 400 still to do. I’d love to finish an article on LeBron James and AAU Basketball and my third article on college football in response to Steve Sailer’s piece.

But then I read where Chicago’s police and elected officials actively suppressed the reality of the Black Memorial Day violence that transpired at North Beach. The lies they told to cover-up Black criminality, which is virtually uncontrollable now in that city and I’m left with the same feeling I felt when the “Beat Whitey” Iowa Fair story was covered-up by the police.

In finishing The Dark Knight Returns yesterday, this final line stuck out to me:

and to bring sense to a world plagued by worse than thieves and murderers.”

The thieves and the murderers, those mindless Black criminals that make living in Baltimore, Detroit, Birmingham, Atlanta, Chicago and other cities a risky proposition, are only allowed to roam free with their actions censored by PWJs in the press because Disingenuous White Liberals enable them and feed their hatred. I Had A Dream (IHAD) People continue to prattle on about Martin Luther King and his speech about character superseding color  as grounds for judgment without realizing the world we live is the one King dreamed of.

Those are the people who plague this world far more than thieves and murderers, individuals Timothy Egan of The New York Times who – in a column celebrating the talented Clarence Clemmons – castigates white people for stealing rock’n’roll:

The ideal he represented, at least in rock ’n’ roll, may have followed him to the grave as well. With a few exceptions, the most segregated place in America on a given night can be a stadium rock concert — on stage, and in the audience. In one sense, rock mirrors Major League Baseball, where black players made up only 8.5 percent of rosters on Opening Day this year, a 50 percent decline from 20 years ago.

In baseball, blacks integrated the big leagues by force of a few brave pioneers. In rock, whites basically stole the genre, and in some cases have taken it to odious extremes, as with Ted Nugent and his Confederate flag T-shirts and machine gun props.

Names like Kyser Miree and the life he led and the dreams he had are forgotten, lost to time like tears in the rain, while PWJs for papers like The Birmingham News continually publish pathetic stories like the one of Black teenagers from Birmingham traveling to South Africa for a 10-day journey to see what happens when an entire country is handed over to Black people to run (instead of just a city, like Birmingham):

“Just like we had children march here, they had their children’s uprising there,” Parker High School student Barry McNealy said. 

Both youth movements were met with violence, but Ramsay High student Jhana Plump noticed a difference. “The kids here were beaten with batons and water hoses, but in South Africa, you would be shot. It was much more gruesome,” Plump said. 

 This is all we can celebrate in Black-Run America, stories of overcoming our racist past where the threat of water hoses being turned on Black people is perpetually right around the corner. Meanwhile, the threat of Chicago being the city of the first major Black riot of 2011 draws closer every day.

A police officer will fire on the wrong Black participant in a Mahogany Mob and then all hell is going to break loose.

The story of Carter Strange shows that a hell, courtesy of DWLs, is already loose; The Black-Run America Dream has come true.



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