A Tale of Two Park Beatings: One is a Hate Crime, the other a Random Crime

Recall that the Baltimore McDonald’s beat down of Chrissy Lee Polis by a Black girl wasn’t considered news until it turned out that the former was a transsexual.

Had Carter Strange been a homosexual, his attack would have been a hate crime

The initial video of the beating went viral and – courtesy of Matt Drudge – people thought a white girl was the victim of a vicious assault. It was until it was revealed that Polis was a transsexual that the story gained Mainstream Media Attention from Perfidious White Journalists (PWJs): white girl being beaten by Black = non story; white guy dressed as a girl being beaten by Black = hate crime.

We don’t like terms like ‘reverse racism’ or ‘double standards’ and never use them; because Black people being racist doesn’t fit the carefully constructed narrative of eternal Black oppression in Black-Run America (BRA), some people throw these terms around to discuss anti-white policies.

It isn’t a ‘double standard’, it’s The Standard in America for Black people to be treated as extra-equal and white people as non-entities.

Take a look at how the story of Carter Strange is being treated – Columbia has passed an emergency curfew in the wake of the 8 Black people nearly killing him for no apparent reason – by local police, with people quick to state it wasn’t a hate crime:

[5th Judicial Circuit Solicitor Dan] Johnson said he knows some in the Columbia area are questioning why “hate crime” charges haven’t been brought in connection with the bearing. A hate crime is a term that connotes violence committed against a person or property because of the victim’s race, religion, ethnic background or sexual orientation.

But Johnson said South Carolina has no “hate crime” law. Also, police thus far have uncovered no evidence suggesting that race played a part in the attack on Strange.
“This was a robbery,” said Johnson. “People have made an assumption of hate crime because the victim is white and the suspects are African-American. But there is no evidence we have seen that race played a part in this.

Eight Black people savagely beating a white guy has no racial connection in the eyes of the police. It’s a non-story because Carter Strange is a non-entity. Had he been a homosexual, like the 30-year-old who was recently beat in Springfield, Massachusetts (Mass. most gay-friendly city), it would have automatically been declared a hate crime:
Nine teens and preteens were arrested for allegedly beating and robbing an openly gay man at a Springfield park Tuesday morning. The 30 year-old victim was badly hurt in the attack, which police are labeling a hate crime.
According to Springfield Police Sergeant John Delaney, Shay Andre Edwards, 19, of Springfield was arrested on charges of unarmed robbery and violation of civil rights with injury. Four other teen boys and four teen girls are also facing the same charges in connection with the attack. Their identities are not being released because they are underage. Delaney says the attackers ranged in age from 12 to 19 years old.

According to Delaney, before 3:00 Tuesday morning, the group saw the 30 year-old man walking by Barrows Park. They called out to the man, telling him to enter the park, but he kept walking. That was when they allegedly knocked him to the ground. The male teens punched him in the face and kicked him in the head and stomach, while the females of the group cheered them on. All the while, the group members allegedly yelled out anti-gay slurs. The group allegedly took his MP3 player before running off.

Shay Andre Edwards is pictured here, undoubtedly a valued member of the Springfield community.

There is no ‘double standard’ in the reporting of these crimes; just the standard. White people have no Civil Rights in America, no laws to protect them. That is the standard.

Carter Strange was just the victim of an isolated incident where 8 Black people (including teens) attacked him in Columbia. Even though Black violence in Milwaukee, Cleveland, Chicago, Philadelphia, Newark, Baltimore, Atlanta and other cities throughout the land are forcing those cities into lock-down mode this summer, Strange’s beaten is an isolated incident.

There is no epidemic of homosexuals being attacked in America; there is an epidemic of white people being attacked in America.

That a 30-year-old was mugged and beaten in Springfield by a group of 9 Black people (apparently some girls joined in the fun) wouldn’t be news either, but because the person assaulted was a homosexual, the world will hear of the hate crime and insidious deed that transpired there.

Shay Edwards attacked a homosexual in Massachusetts; automatic hate crime

The events happened but five days apart, but demonstrate that The Standard is in full force. Carter Strange is a non-person, collateral damage in a world that seeks to cover-up any and all stories that paint Black people in a negative light (the North Avenue Beach violence in Chicago over Memorial Day is one such example):

Knowing that Disingenuous White Liberals and PWJ’s are in charge of the editorial policy at The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and Gannett assets, and openly admit to censoring stories of Black criminality, it’s easy to understand why many newspapers are losing subscribers and the ability to charge huge rates for national ad campaigns.

That homosexuals get upset when a member of their community is attacked and assaulted by nine Black people is not cause to get mad that this group of people dares to confront The Standard. They are an organized community, they have goals and they are determined to live peacefully in their own enclaves and when that lifestyle is threatened they organize as one.

Remember that Herb Sosa of Miami called the events of Urban Beach Week a ‘war zone’ and stated this Black event must leave – though he did absolve himself of racism in his diatribe – because it wasn’t conducive to public safety.

This is nothing to get upset about; it’s something to emulate.

The day is coming when white people – the dwindling majority population that must continue paying for educating, incarcerating and moving away from an urban Black (and Brown) population that preys upon them without cops or elected officials caring – begin to mobilize on their behalf.

It is stories like the one of Carter Strange and the unnamed homosexual in Springfield, both attacked by Black people in parks, that illustrate why this day is coming.

Remember: Chrissy Polis’ story was a non-story only disseminated on evil blogs until it turned out that the dude who looked like a lady was really a dude dressed as a lady.

The summer of 2011 will be one to remember forever.

View more videos at: http://nbcchicago.com.



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